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The Week in Comments: "Gylfi as charged"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

That guy at Arsenal has a Liverpool rival!
That guy at Arsenal has a Liverpool rival!
Stu Forster/Getty Images

Community Comments

Ranker: Who Was Liverpool’s Player of the Season?

Indy Red: It's Lovren
Best CB in the Premier League according to that one website.

ChrisLFC: I wouldn’t trust

Rodgers Aware of His Precarious Future With Liverpool

Let's be real here

FSG understands what they are in fully and completely. If you think that John Henry entered into a business operation as large as the purchase and ownership of Liverpool Football Club without a meticulous plan for how to grow that business venture into one that is as profitable as is possible, well, to quote a famous tweet, "what are you smoking over there?" Look at all the Anfield redevelopment that will be completed soon, increasing the capacity to bring in larger gate receipts and revenue. Look at how the wage bill has been slashed from its previously bloated status. Look at how they have grown the commercial side of the club, and how they will continue to do so. Look at their other ventures in sports, namely the Red Sox, and how their ownership has brought World Series titles and financial stability to a team that hadn’t had much of either since the days of one Mr. Tom Yawkey. You don’t think they fully understand and have a vision for what to do with Liverpool?

John Henry may not be able to tell you how to set up a side to play with a false 9 as opposed to how to play with two strikers, or expound on the relative merits avd drawbacks of a back three system vs. a back four, but I can guarantee you that he can, with precise detail, tell you exactly the who, what, when, where, why, and how’s of rebuilding Liverpool as both a team and as a business. We are very fortunate to have an ownership group that understands both the need for significant, strategic financial investment in the club while also knowing how to operate in a sustainable, responsible way. We don’t have the financial clout of oil giant clubs like City or the commercial juggernaut yet of United, and our owners don’t pretend that we do. I hope FSG owns Liverpool for years and years to come, because they have proven time and again that they are a spectacular ownership group.

— Balotelli's Mohawk

Who Is Brendan Rodgers?

My predecessor.

— klopp

Liverpool Reportedly Make Ancelotti Approach

Ed: if it’s Ancelotti, I’m not sure Illarra would be following him anywhere

Agent moyes: They could mendi their relationship at Liverpool
JasonB: You’d also have to wonder what a manager like this would mean for the current squad? Would Sterling change his tune? Would Balotelli be welcomed back?

saintgrobian: Would Jose Enrique momentarily pause his game?

If Klopp is Willing Liverpool Must Make the Switch

I was driving to work this morning and I passed a windmill farm. There were a bunch of windmills on this farm, all of different sizes. There were some really big windmills, and there were some downright tiny windmills. Now, all but one of the windmills had the word "Rodgers" written on the side of them. It just so happened that the only windmill without "Rodgers" written on it was the littlest out of all the windmills. So I parked my car, I walked right up to that little windmill, and I asked it, "why don’t you say ‘Rodgers’ like all the other windmills do?" And that tiny little windmill, it answered me in its tiny little voice, "I’m not a big fan."

Carry on.

— nihil in moderato
If he is the least bit interested

I don’t care what his demands are, do what it takes to sign him up. Does he want a Director of Football brought in? Great, who does he want?. Does he want to have complete control of player recruitment? Give it to him. Does he want to restructure the academy setup? Sounds great! Anfield can only serve German beer while he is manager? Sounds good to me! Wants his official title to be Lord High Commander Jurgen Klopp, the First of His Name, King of the Kop, the Mersey, and the Liverbird, Lord of Anfield, Protector of the City, and Lord Paramount of Melwood? Start working on getting that inscribed on a nameplate.

If he is interest, DO WHAT IS NECESSARY.

— Indy Red

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Tottenham Jump Past Reds in Danny Ings Race

thatsMatt: But but but but but but but Sigurðsson

Ed: any excuse to use the eth

saintgrobian: Gylfi as charged.

Liverpool Must Increase Bid to £15m to Secure Nathaniel Clyne

Can we just cut out the middle-man and buy the guy that Southampton intend to replace Clyne with? No clue who that guy will be, but I guarantee he’ll cost less than £10m, and will be fucking awesome next season.

— Tras

Mignolet Hoping for Liverpool to Complete Benteke Transfer

Chief Ralphie the Red: It would be "fine"? Meh.

wolf-in-wolf's-clothing: That's also probably what he told the dry cleaners after they shrunk his suit.

Report: Klopp the Favorite to Become Liverpool Manager if Rodgers is Dismissed

klopp: Better pack my bags.

CStars: Make sure you pack a bag for Reus.

kingofzachland: Do you think he’ll fit in overhead luggage?

ITStheGP:Unfortunately no but I’ll pitch in the $35 checked bag/player fee. You are however allowed a Mkhicarryon

There was a Nathaniel Clyne pun train.

Staff Comment

Raheem Sterling Reportedly Determined to Leave Liverpool

Liveryank: Well, this is the only alleged transfer I've heard so far
that I think is completely awesome, so ... hoping it happens.
At least he wouldn’t have to defend against Messi again this season.

Ed: Let's not rule it out just yet--Round of 32 in the Europa.
Haha just kidding just kidding. No way Liverpool make it that far.

Also, Chuck had a gazillion thoughts on coaching vs management that are worth reading.


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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