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Sturridge Hoping to Channel "Different Mentality" While Recovering

After being sent stateside to work on his longer-term fitness, Daniel Sturridge has noted the importance of finding a different mindset as he hopes to secure his fitness for the future.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

As part of his extended rehabilitation in the fall, Daniel Sturridge spent a few weeks stateside. The striker was active in training for the duration of his spell in the US, working his way back as part of what, at the time, looked like the final stages of his recovery. Three or so months later and that's proven not to be the case, as Sturridge is now in the midst of his third injury-related interruption of the campaign, one that will effectively end any chances he has of participating for the rest of the season.

He's once again headed back to the United States, this time in an effort to discover an underlying issue that might be contributing to his recurring problems. As is so often the case, Sturridge has cut a positive figure about the process of recovery, and sounds hopeful that he'll strike the right mindset as he looks to get himself ready for next season:

"I like America, the way of thinking is different. When you're injured it's important to have a different mentality. You have to channel yourself that you're not a football player, that you could be a boxer or a tennis player or whatever it may be. You have to have a single-minded mentality to get back in the best shape possible. When you're injured it's important to have that type of mentality.

"That's why being out here, I'm single-minded, zoning in on what I have to do and it's great to be here. The physios at Liverpool are top class but it's a change of environment that worked before and I wanted to do it again and that's why it happened. People can think what they want to think about me but I definitely know I do not have a mental issue. I find it funny, I take it with a pinch of salt."

While he might brush it off, it would be entirely understandable if he did have a "mental issue" on the heels of such a disappointing season; Sturridge has always struck a confident figure on and off the pitch, but this season has been by far the worst of his career in terms of injuries, and that has to have had an impact on his mentality. There's no shame in that, and one would hope he's open to the idea that, over the course of such a prolonged recovery, mental "issues" could very well be a part of a fully successful rehabilitation program.

Whatever Daniel Sturridge ends up addressing during his time stateside and as part of a broader recovery process, hopefully it leaves him  in better stead, and ready to play healthy first-team football for years to come.

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