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The Week in Search Terms: QPR’s Sterling Sell-On Clause

People find their way to the Liverpool Offside using all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

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qpr sterling sell on clause

Remember that part where Southampton played serious hardball over the sale of Adam Lallana last summer due to the bit where they owed Bournemouth 25% of any fee? Well, funny story. Less ha-ha funny and more crying into your drink at 3AM funny. But anyhow, funny story. Liverpool owe QPR 20% of whatever they get for Raheem Sterling if they sell him.

There has been some confusion over just how much Liverpool would have to pay, but last summer, QPR’s chairman confirmed it was 20%. So if Liverpool were to sell him for £35M, they would only get to keep £28M of it—or £4M less than Aston Villa want for Christian Benteke. If they got £50M, Liverpool would keep £40M of it, which might be why all the noise coming out of the club suggests they want £50M or they’d rather hold on to Sterling for the next two years and let an arbitration board sort out the compensation.

as a football analysis what do you think liverpool fc must do at the club under brendan rodgers to make liverpool a title contender next season

Invent a time machine, travel back to last summer, and prevent the sale of Luis Suarez. Then kill Hitler or whatever it is you’re supposed to do with a time machine.

coutinho national team jersey number

Coutinho has worn 21 for Brazil since getting back into the national team picture.

significance of cat in an orange space suit

He’s a cat in an orange space suit?


google search

Have you tried Google?

tottenham transfer news

Oh, sure, finish ahead of us and we’re straight back to Tottenham using Liverpool as their scouting department and swooping for their presumptive targets. Though on second thought, I heard Liverpool really want Danny Ings and Christian Benteke. Like really really. So if y’all wanted to swoop for them that’d be swell. Or totally horrible for Liverpool. You know, whichever makes it more likely you’ll try to beat Liverpool to the two of them.

carragher is a knob

Hey there, Aidy. So. How’s it going?

guidance to parents

Live vicariously through your children. Set impossibly high expectations for them—whether those involve becoming a successful athlete or otherwise rich and famous—and drive them to the success you were never able to achieve for yourself. Otherwise they’re just going to cry and eat your food and take up the time you could be watching football in and then what’s the point, really? Oh, and probably try not to drop them on their heads and some other stuff, too. Hygiene and nutrition and the like.

keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves was born on April 2, 724 to Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon. He went on to unite most of Western Europe and, on Christmas day in 800, was crowned Emperor of the Romans. After crowning his son Louis I King in 814, Reeves went into hiding—there are conflicting reports that for a time he worked as a painter in Florence, or that he rose to become a Duke in Georgian England—and following centuries spent away from the limelight, reemerged as an actor in the late 1800s under the stage name Paul Mounet. His most famous early role was that of Macbeth in the 1909 Andre Calmettes production. Since then, he has starred in such diverse fare as Point Break, A Scanner Darkly, and The Matrix.

liverpool danny ings

We already told you we were after him, Tottenham. Now go do your thing.

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