Any Finnish Reds Out There?

I mean, other than Sami Hyypia, obviously. (But if you're a TLO member, Sam, I'd love your input!)

Anyway, the reason I'm asking is because I've been accepted into a couple of masters programs in Finland (I haven't decided which one to attend yet), and I'd like to hear an insider perspective. So far, the only facts I know about Finland are:

  1. They provide free education, even for a dirty foreigner like myself.
  2. Sami Hyypia is from there.
  3. It either is or is not considered part of Scandinavia, depending on who you ask.
  4. It's cold.
  5. They really like saunas.
So yeah, any input from actual Finns, or folks who have traveled there, or people who have accidentally ended up on a Finnish website (we won't ask questions), well, that would be super. Any and all info is great, especially important stuff like "Where's the best place to watch Liverpool play?" Cheers, and see y'all in the fall!

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