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The Week in Comments: "As a good a fit as Mignolet’s dinner jacket."

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Liverpool Repeating Mistakes with Burnley's Danny Ings

sxswilson: We’re all gonna feel stupid when Ings scores 20 goals before Christmas.

tkired: Is it easier to score goals in the championship?

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Reds Lead Race to Overpay for Christian Benteke

As a good a fit as Mignolet’s dinner jacket.

— saintgrobian

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Reds Lead Race to Overpay for Christian Benteke

He_Drinks_Sangria: I don't if I can come up with the words to accurately portray my feelings about this, so I'll need help from a friend... [gif of a baby duck shaking its head NO]

rlkwon: rec mainly for that chick. priceless.

He_Drinks_Sangria: That’s a dolphin.

The Problem with High Expectations

It seems to me the plan was always to complement our depth at the end of year 2. The money and resources (CL football and prospect of another year of exciting football) where there, and that was the focus over the summer.

Saurez leaving was probably anticipated especially once Barcelona’s bid came in (keeping him from Arsenal is one thing, but denying him Barca just wouldn’t benefit any of the parties involved including the club holding him against his will). But the focus was on depth, and so someone perfect and available like Sanchez was sought after but the club’s attentions were mostly elsewhere. No matter what you think of the signings individually, they collectively succeeded in complementing our depth by reaching two cup semis and taking the fight for top 4 down to the last three games.

I said the focus was on depth, but Rogers isn’t an idiot. He knew he also needed goals, so when Sanchez deal fell through and no one else was really both a good fit to the team and available to court, the committee bought Balotelli in the hopes that he might at least complement Sturridge and lead to enough goals to get us into the top 4. But then, no one, and I mean no one, thought Sturridge would actually miss the whole season through injury after injury. A spell at the beginning or end, maybe, but not the whole season! So everyone was caught off guard, and the goals became scarce.

And yet, with the focus on depth and the short term plan of Balotelli complementing Sturridge until a striker of a more fitting style (+ Origi) would come in the next summer not paying dividends, still the race for top 4 took this long to end. And we’re only one spot below it, despite all the troubles of the season.

— NimjaIV

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: James Milner Chooses Reds

While it would be hard to classify this news as exciting, it would also be hard to classify it as anything other than good.

— Liberecak

CincyLPoolReds4ever: I think you misspelled Australian and Mat Ryan
no worries mate

G-Loff: Lets just split the difference and rename him Matthias Rhein. Everyone wins.

Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace: Ways to Watch, Streaming, Lineups and Live Coverage

Hope everybody remembered their permission slips for the feels trip.

— Ignignokt

Brendan Rodgers Salutes Steven Gerrard: "I'll Miss Him"

Grantland ran an article in March about Chris Paul’s persistent greatness, and how we’re so accustomed to it by now that it can go unnoticed. One passage always stuck with me:
This is just what he does, just like the sun rises every morning. But we’re so used to the sun rising that we take for granted that it’s actually a roiling colossus of nuclear fire in outer space, without which all life on Earth would be impossible.
Since well before I started following Liverpool, Stevie being the face and the leader and the heartbeat of the team has been as surefire as the sun coming up every morning. I’ve taken it for granted at times, and I’m kicking myself for that now. It’ll be different without him.

— nihil in moderato

Staff Comment

PSV Insist Liverpool, Manchester United, and PSG All Bid for Memphis Depay

"My colleague Memphis Depay suffered the physical result of a bid after my collision with the fax machine"

These are just things etc.

— Khaine

Gif of the Week

An oldie but a goodie. (via winds)


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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