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The Week in Comments: "So we’re not getting Reus? #ThanksAubama"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Liverpool Lose Depay Race to Manchester United

Chief Ralphie the Red: ETW because I love Depay
But on to the next one.

Konoplyanka: But who?!
If Memphis thinks going to United is a good idea he really is in denial.

Get it, Nile river, denial? Memphis, Egypt? No? Carry on, then. Making shitty puns is just the price a guy like me has depay.

— nihil in moderato
It was just not Memph to be

— Agent moyes

Elizabeth: Fun is relative! I wake up with a positive outlook on LFC every morning! And then I get on the internet and I die a slow death. Virtual donuts are welcome. :blush:

sacman701: virtual donuts


virtual donut holes:


virtual pretzels:


Damn, I’m a good virtual baker.

(I usually don't like to use this many quotes from a single post, but there was some really good stuff in there, including tons I didn't end up using. Good job, everyone!)

Memphis Depay: Rage, Rhyme, or Reason?

I confess I hadn’t really followed the reports of LFC’s interest in Depay, so I have no idea how "real" our links were to the player. I do, however, know that United’s financial clout is real, their near-term (brighter) league prospects are real, and the shadow that LVG’s giant head casts on Netherlands players is real. So I personally have a hard time getting worked up about Depay.

Seems like the club "missed out" on Depay in the same way that my 13 y.o.self "missed out" on a long and meaningful relationship with Debbie Gibson because she failed to notice that I was dropping some serious savings on her records.

— saintgrobian

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Liverpool Working on Deal for Dortmund Forward

So we’re not getting Reus?

— He_Drinks_Sangria

Brad Jones to Leave Liverpool This Summer

Best of luck to him if he leaves
He’s been a dutiful professional, kept his head down, and hasn’t caused much fuss. Performance aside, have always been somewhat sympathetic to the guy given the pretty horrific personal tragedy during his time at the club. Was never going to work out from a strictly footballing perspective, but we can’t all be legends.

— saintgrobian

Liverpool Will Give Chelsea Honour Guard at Stamford Bridge

This whole thread with our personal Chelsea commenter-friend is basically the TLO version of the Honour Guard.

Our obligation is now complete.

— ChrisLFC

Chelsea 1, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

I love how that argument is gone from everyone's lips

if we brought in Falcao and he had that sort of season, BR and FSG would be savaged, and we’d be screwed financially.

ManU pulled a Boston Red Sox— they bought multiple high priced players (who all sucked at various times this season) and ultimately a few of their gambles paid off. They can afford to play more hands of blackjack. We simply can’t.

Liverpool didn’t lose their status in England this year— they lost it in the board room 20 years ago when they failed to adapt to the financial landscape.

— legendarywalton

smooth sailing had a banner week explaining many things related to £££, including how long it will take Liverpool to be able to compete with Chelsea and City, and the FFP "soft" wage cap, amongst many other things!

Staff Comment

Chelsea 1, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

"Hey, I don’t want to overpay for talent. I’m Jurgen Klopp." "Woah, this guy means business! Here, take our players!"


— Ed


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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