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The Week in Search Terms: Benitez Back to Liverpool

People find their way to the Liverpool Offside using all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

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benitez back to liverpool

Given the reluctance by FSG to seriously consider Rafa Benitez the last time they went looking for a new Liverpool manager, one imagines the former Reds boss wouldn’t be a serious contender if the owners decided to make a change this summer. It seems likely to be a moot point, though, as all signs point to Brendan Rodgers still being seen as the man to lead the club forward, with a widespread belief amongst those with connections to the club that he will be given at least another season.

epl payer of the year

Philippe Coutinho’s up for it, though most believe Eden Hazard and David de Gea are frontrunners. Meanwhile, both Coutinho and Raheem Sterling are up for Young Player of the Year, though with Hazard and de Gea also eligible for that honour the smart money is on one of them taking both awards this season.

game analysis of liverpool vs arsenal

on fire

argentina transfer news

England have proposed a partial exchange of £50M and the Falklands for the South American nation’s claim on the 1986 World Cup, and while Argentina were intrigued, the two sides hit an impasse over whether Diego Maradona would be required to issue an official apology and so, barring a late change of heart by one side or the other, the deal appears dead.

cartilage mollifying

If your cartilage is so pissed off you feel the need to mollify it you might want to see a doctor, as that sounds potentially pretty serious. At the very least take a few painkillers, ice it, and see where things stand in a few days, at which point if it’s still giving you a lot of trouble you really should seek out a professional’s opinion and not some random dude on the internet's.

dejan lovren bad season

That’d be the kindest way of putting it.

what can i do to pass mathematics?

Have you considered studying? And if you have and things still aren’t working out we’re fresh out of ideas and would probably suggest moving straight on to drinking away your feelings of failure and inadequacy.

warrior sports brand discontinued

Warrior aren’t getting out of sports—they’re still big in hockey and lacrosse—but they are shifting over their various football assets to parent company New Balance. There had been hopes that football could be used to establish the Warrior brand outside of North America, but with disappointing results, particularly in Asia, the company have instead decided to use football to expand the parent brand, who already have a minor global presence. Anybody with a hankering for Warrior’s fratactularly awful products, though, will still be able to find their apparel—including items born of a new and rather ridiculously nonsensical partnership with the Grateful Dead.

martin skrtel male celebs in socks


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