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The Week in Comments: "holy crap I'm on the bench"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Philippe Coutinho "Didn't Even Have to Think" About Signing New Contract

I want to hug him
I could also pick him up and carry him everywhere between games so he is always fresh on the pitch.

— Amelia L

Lallana Reflects on Frustrating, Injury-Riddled First Season on Merseyside

Liverpool Offside, bringing Chelsea and Celtic fans together since... well, like a half hour ago.

— ChrisLFC

Sampdoria President Wants Balotelli

Sampdoria: "we will pay you in bread and water"
Balo: "but I want ferraris"
Sampdoria: "counter offer. All the soup, salad, and breadsticks you can eat"
Mino Raiola: (whispers to Balo) "take it Mario. It’s a limited time offer"

— ITStheGP

Liverpool vs. Newcastle United: Ways to Watch, Streaming, Lineups, and Live Coverage

Tika Taka Masala: BR confirms studge got injured against Blackburn

nihil in moderato: Completely irresponsible move by Hodgson to play Sturridge against Blackburn.

Liverpool 2, Newcastle United 0: First Thoughts

Sterling’s 1st goal shows why he’s an important player for Liverpool.
His 2 misses after show why he’s not worth breaking the bank for just yet.

— NimjaIV

Everything's the Worst: Beware! Edition

I Like ETW edition as a precaution measure for being over confidence

I don’t like the idea of Liverpool keep talking about winning trophy to give a honor send off for Gerrard. in his last season. I love that to happen though, for the loyalty of Gerrard has shown to Liverpool club and he deserve everything. But I suffer the same agony when I thought Liverpool has actually won the League title last season only for us to slip at the last few hurdles. I was sadden that League title is one title that Gerrard has not win, and if we didn’t win last season we need to wait again for a couple of season ( I already sense by then that we will not even go close this season, which sadly turn out to be so true). I do not want to have the same dream this season for the FA Cup (for Gerrard).

Let’s prepare this Cup game the same as we prepare for any game that Liverpool, as a successful club, ought to be.
Aston Villa still not safe from relegation, Liverpool most likely not to gain CL spot, this is a game where both team will want to win to save their season, by achieving something. Whoever win, there is still Arsenal waiting (assuming they should overcome Reading), which I feel is a club that play with only 1 direction "Attack" which they are very good at. On paper or from Shaky Ang prospective, Arsenal is going to be the FA Cup winner this season after they go this far.

But if Liverpool make to the final and take on Arsenal, Steady Ang will override Shaky and have a last say who will be FA Cup holder come May.

— steadyang

Aston Villa vs. Liverpool: Ways to Watch, Streaming, Lineups, and Live Coverage

holy crap I'm on the bench

— Balotelli's Mohawk

Aston Villa 2, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

It’s not the farewell he deserved but it’s a farewell of his own doing and that’s fair

— Brendanrodgersselfie
BloodRunsRed: Rodger’s is the first Liverpool manager to not win silverware within his first 3 seasons since the 1950s

NimjaIV: He’s also the first manager to get his team 6 BPL clean sheets in a row since 1972.

Tras: He also gave us our worst start to a league season since 1964.

Dr Killmuffin: He also gave me my most recent headache

Staff Comment

Liverpool Youngster Suffers Broken Leg

Poor kid.
Also, "BREAKING" is not the way to start that tweet, Brighton!

— Khaine

Gif of the Week

An oldie but a goodie (via Chief Ralphie the Red).


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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