What is your favourite Liverpool team?

Only rule is that it has to be players that you have seen in your time as a fan (for this reason I've sadly had to omit King Kenny as I only saw the end of his career). Doesn't have to be the best players, can just the ones you have liked the most! How many of the current team makes it? For me only Gerrard is there, but that is probably due to my age! My team is below.

GK - Pepe Reina - went back and forth between Pepe and Grobelaar, but as entertaining as Grobelaar was, Pepe at his peak was as good as any 'keeper in World football.

RB - Steve Nicol - Bit of a cursed position. I liked Babbel, but injury ruined his Liverpool career, Arbeloa was solid and Johnson at his best was very good. For consistency I think Finnan would be in with a shout, but overall Steve Nicol at his peak was a brilliant attacking fullback and despite his best efforts to put me off with his "expert analysis" he gets my vote.

LB - John Arne Riise - Easy decision. Rocket of a left foot and great fun to watch, scored some incredible goals as well. Aurelio may have given him competition if he had ever stayed fit, and one day Moreno may be a good contender.

CB - Big Sami and Carra - Two legends a fairly easy decision made so because I only caught the end of Alan Hansen's career. Fond of Skrtel and Dagger, but how could anyone not pick Big Sami and Carra?

DM - Didi Hamann - Ok, so this decision is partly due to my fondness of the man (smoking in the showers at Istanbul hiding from Rafa - classic) great player and just beats Lucas, McMahon and Mascherano for a place in my team. Not an easy choice to make!

CM - Alonso - How could it not be Xabi? Brilliant player, great beard grower and an all round nice guy. I like Hendo, and Can will be great, but Xabi always will have a place in my Liverpool team.

AM - Gerrard - A legend and would make anyone's greatest Liverpool X1. Playing off Torres was when he was at his best and once he has retired at the end of the season (with an FA Cup winners medal I hope!) we can remember all those heroics.

LW - Barnes - My favourite Liverpool player of all-time. The guy I had on my shirt as a kid. Great guy as well, I met him briefly when I was 10 and it remains one of the greatest days of my life. A magician and a legend. Does mean though that Luis Garcia can't quite make my team.

RW - Suarez - The most talented player I've seen in a Liverpool shirt. Goals, assists, relentless brilliance. An absolute joy to watch and oh how we have missed him this season. A mention here as well for Beardsley who misses the cut, but what a player he was.

ST - Fowler (God) - Beats Rush by a plastered nose! How can you really pick between them? That Torres only makes it to number 3 shows the quality we have been blessed with.

Manager - Rafa - A genius and Istanbul will stick with me forever. Unfairly maligned by some but he did a great job and just a shame that the crooks hampered him at the end. A genuinely nice guy as well and when leaving his donation to the 96 just shows what a great man he is. King Kenny also comes close as he has given his whole heart and soul to this club. Houllier was also good for a couple of years until health issues slowed him down and hopefully one day BR can enter this conversation.

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