My Anfield Pilgrimage

So, it's confirmed guys. I'm heading to Liverpool in exactly a month!!! This will be my first ever visit to the city and i'm on a solo trip as well so any and all advice, tips, recommendations are welcomed. A few questions in mind:

1. The only match I'll be able to catch at Anfield is the last home game against Crystal Palace (damn you law school exams). Realistically, I know I would not get tickets to the last home match, much less the final Anfield send-off for Stevie. Holding out hope for one through official means since Captain Fantastic is my first true Kop hero but are there any other ways I could try getting a ticket? Also, what are the odds of getting a ticket outside Anfield right before the match?

2. In the event I can't watch it at Anfield, what are some places I can catch the match with locals and lots of reds fans?

3. I haven't settled accommodation so is there any affordable places I could turn to? I'm not particularly fussed about accommodation (apartment, hostel,hotel, anywhere really) but I would really love for it to be near Anfield

4. Any must visit places at Liverpool? I'm a history and food junkie if that might help

Thanks, you lovely bunch!

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