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The Week in Comments: "nah, that favors Wii Joe"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Javi Manquillo is Liverpool's Best Player - At Table Tennis

Nordecke: "If only it was virtual table tennis" – Jose Enrique

Ignignokt: nah, that favors Wii Joe

Liverpool 2, Burnley 0: First Thoughts

I think saying he’s the next Gerrard is setting him up for failure. As good as Henderson is, building him up to be the next club legend does both him and Stevie a disservice. Henderson is a phenomenal player… let’s let him be the first Jordan Henderson instead of the next Steven Gerrard.

— Charlottes Webster

Lallana Lauds Captain's Influence, Targets Wembley Semifinal

Great, so Lallana is going to Barcelona too, I presume

— saintgrobian

Jordan Henderson Reportedly Leaving to Barcelona Next January On Free Transfer

There can never be too many articles about Jordan Tremendouson. Apart from ones about him leaving, but, ok, once in a while... :)

— Daniel O.

Liverpool vs. Burnley: Ways to Watch, Streaming, Lineups, and Live Coverage

Chief Ralphie the Red: How about we take this little convo to the Open Thread?

MarineChiefsFan: Yeah. This is a food blog, and lets keep it that way

Liverpool vs. Burnley: Match Preview, Team News, and Ways to Watch

Balotelli's Mohawk: Farce of Nature with the strategic mindset, very impressive.
/jots notes in "Which TLOer is really Brendan Rodgers?" notebook

nihil in moderato: BaMo is the type who scribbles in his notebook, very interesting.
/types into "which TLOer is really Brendan Rodgers?" spreadsheet

Liverpool the "Destination" for Forward-Thinking Rodgers

I genuinely hopes he becomes our Ferguson for this era of our club.

Could you imagine, Rodger’s 20 years down the line….absolutely complete players in every position of the pitch, a team that works posession and timing so well to perfection their main move is to hold onto possesion while switching play from flank to flank pulling defenders out of the central areas which will then allow our future Neure-esque keeper to run straight through the middle from his 18 yard box into the oppositions and finish it off with a little dink over the other keeper.

With Hendo and Can still absolutely dominating the midfield, the only change being the colour of their hair. They will become those experienced but still somehow energiser bunnies in the midfield, our Scholes and Giggs but going well into their 40’s. With a wee balding Joe Allen still out-classing Man City.

A Couts with dreadlocks and sunglasses ala Edgar Davids to go with all that flair. Raheem….looking exactly the same.

Unfortunately Sturridge has retired by that point due to a hip replacement surgery due to doing the Studge too much over the period of 15 years while dominating all scoring records, in England and Europe.

— Fowler-4:33

"I Am Emre Can"

I’d say give the man the number 8 when Gerrard leaves, but I kinda like the idea that the number 23 is being worn by a man that we dream of having a team with 11 of him.

— Indy Red

Rumour Mongering: Agent Confirms Liverpool Interest in Argentine Star

Noel's original post was just people dancing.

— ejbauer

Ibe to Miss Month with LCL Strain

It's like the January window never happened :(

— Ken Mueller

There was a giant pun train.

Staff Comment

Rumour Mongering: Mario Balotelli to Join Steven Gerrard in MLS?

Why the fuck does an article get in the English press, written by a supposed human being of some level of competence, without a chickenshit slither of research. Google "Orlando City" and see what comes up. Oh, they haven’t played a single game? How the fuck can they be called "giants" then? Spend a minute on wiki. Check how many designated players they have for fuck’s sake. Look! You’ll see they have two fucking DP players so would have to pay a luxury tax to sign Balotelli et fucking cetera. Get outta here with this lazy catshit rubbish. This lazy stuff keeps coming up all the time. I mean Steve Claridge, retired carthorse/workhorse striker turned "pundit" claimed Rodgers has implemented a 343/3421 system that is getting results but doesn’t suit the players, as if he’s been squeezing players in that haven’t been performing too well but getting results anyway. Really? Has he watched a Liverpool game? Surely he’s not a dumb fuck. Get the fuck outta here with that refried, second-rate bullshit. Tired of this uninformed shit in the media that passes off as expertise and knowledge. Plus, I work with fine folks who could do a far better job. Whatever. Fuck this.

— Chuck

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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