Ideal Future Liverpool XI

Hey Offsiders,

This may be a question more appropriate to the offseason, but as some of our youngsters are coming good I can't help myself. I've been thinking about what Ideal Future Liverpool, 2-5 years down the road, will look like. Rodgers' plans fully implemented, and players he likes (and depth) at every position. Ideal Future Liverpool is a Top 4 and Champions League fixture, and challenges for the BPL title every year.

Who from the current squad is on this team, and what is their role? What positions will have been filled by players outside the current squad?

What is our 11? Or squad of 18? (don't need names for those not currently on the squad...I just need positions of need to focus my Potential Transfer Hopes)

Healthy Sturridge has the quality and should just be young enough. I'd imagine many will agree that Sterling and Coutinho have the skill and/or potential. But is Henderson/Can our midfield of the future? Are Lallana or Sakho Champions-league winning caliber? Do Moreno or Markovic have the potential? Is Mignolet our long-term keeper?

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