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The Week in Search Terms: Dybala Vietto Icardi

People find their way to the Liverpool Offside using all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images
has raheem sterling signed a new contract yet

Nope and nope. Maybe ask again in six months.

f torres

Get the sentiment, but given how badly his career has gone since leaving Liverpool it’s honestly a little tough to work up much disdain for him any more or begrudge him his partial resurgence and apparent semi-competence at Atletico Madrid.

london darby

The phone book lists over 100 people in London named Darby, so you’re going to have to be a touch more specific.


It’s a word that means unusually, excessively large or disproportionate, as in "Mario Balotelli’s career strike rate suggests he’s a player who usually takes an inordinate number of shots to score a goal." Hope that helps.

being beautiful is over rated

Well, suppose it’s probably still better than not being beautiful. Wait. Sorry. That’s probably not helping. Though if it’s about surviving your demons for another day we always find that drinking heavily works. At least until the point where it makes everything worse.

gerrard better than ronaldinho

If we’re talking real life and not FIFA then yes.

dybala vietto icardi

If you insist.

where is suso playing now

That depends on how you define "playing." He’s on the books at AC Milan, so that’s the club he’d be playing for. If he was playing. Because he isn't: his contributions to their Serie A season have so far amounted to sitting on the bench six times as an unused substitute. He did get to play 11 minutes as a late sub in a losing effort against Lazio in the Coppa Italia, though. So there’s that.

antoine fuqua

Antoine Fuqua is a director who’s probably best known for Training Day and Tears of the Sun, both of which were at least decent. He also made Shooter and Olympus Has Fallen, which were decidedly less decent. He’s also directed a fair number of music videos, though to the best of our knowledge he’s not a Liverpool fan and has no interest in football.

He’s currently directing a sports drama called Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, and Forest Whitaker. As for Forest Whitaker, he was phenomenal as Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland, a role he deservedly won the Oscar for. To the best of our knowledge, Forest Whitaker is also not a Liverpool fan.

can emre

Yes he can.

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