TLO fellow Scandinavians

Since i joined TLO i often wondered how many Scandinavians we have in this great community.

So therefore i ask you to come forward because i think we could have a lot to discuss from a Scandinavian point of view, concerning our leagues and the Liverpool connection.

If you want to, write your native country in the comments section and add whatever subject you'd like to start of with so we can get to know each other.

Sweden is my native country and been a lifelong supporter starting at 6-7 years old (41 today). When Glenn Hysén went to Liverpool i almost wept. Then i hoped that Henrik Larsson would join us but sadly he went to Barcelona only to guest appear for Man U..

Been an active player myself in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and as recent as yesterday i scored the winning goal against Henrik Larssons team in our weekly oldoys training (35+). He argued that they won 2-1 in games but we won the last one and everyone knows that you aint better than your last game. So all the bragging rights to our team until next monday and it's me/Liverpool Vs Henrik/Man U every monday!

Please make any posts here geared towards creating discussion. Any works that are copied and pasted from other sites will be deleted. This isn't a place to advertise services or your blog, it's an extension of our site. Please treat it as such.

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