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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Lead the Race for Ince (No, Not That One)

Liverpool are rumoured to be leading the race for a player whose last name is Ince. So what else is new?

Stu Forster/Getty Images

If the Daily Mail is to be believed—and the default is usually that they shouldn’t be—Liverpool are leading the race for a footballer who goes by the name of Ince. Thankfully for everybody’s sanity, it’s not that Ince. Not the Tom whose dad is Paul and who plays for Derby Coutny after turning down, at least if his dad’s to be believed, a chance at Inter Milan or half a dozen big English clubs.

This time, it’s supposed to be Rohan Ince who Liverpool are leading the chase for, though as he is apparently a second cousin of Tom—which would make him a nephew of some flavour of Paul—it is keeping things within the Ince clan Liverpool fans have come to be so familiar with, for better or worse, over the years. As for Rohan, he came through Chelsea’s ranks a centre half and has since established himself as a Brighton regular in midfield.

As a holding player for the Championship side, Ince has made 55 league appearances since he signed on as a trialist in February of 2013. Now 22 years of age, this more central Ince has scored one goal for the Seagulls, has a contract running through the summer of 2016, and is valued at around £1M. Rumour has it that Newcastle, West Ham, and West Brom have also been scouting the midfielder, and realistically all seem more likely destinations.

It may be difficult for many Liverpool fans not to see that list of teams and roll their eyes a little given how similar it seems to when cousin Tom would be "linked" to Liverpool along with Bolton and Blackburn and Blackpool. Inevitably, if he does leave Brighton this summer, it seems likely that the case of Rohan Ince will go the same way. Though if Liverpool were to gamble on him, at least he wouldn’t cost an awful lot.

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