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The Week in Comments: "Jordan Tenderson"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Back in for Papadopoulos

Agent moyes: Do we sign Son and Sissoko to complete the family

saintgrobian: Will be awkward for everyone when this guy gets signed:

Chief Ralphie the Red: You know nothing, saint snow

Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and the Rest: A Look at the Top Seven's Final Fixtures

Wides: If only Tottenham had gotten the memo.

saintgrobian: I’m sure once someone else expresses an interest in the memo, Spurs will be all over it.

Wides: And Chelsea will come in when they are just about to read it and put it in their backpocket...
... only to forget they had it, and give it to someone else later without having read it.

Swansea City 0, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

Jordan Tenderson

Brad Jones Hair, on this photo

Keep Calm and Beat United

Chief Ralphie the Red: Looks like Simon needs some new gloves. You’d think the club would supply them. Are keeper gloves like baseball mitts or something that need to be broken in? Do keepers like to break in their gloves a certain way and then use them until they fall apart? It is a superstition thing or a comfort thing or both?

PeterRed: Maybe the club dont replace them, and they're expensive, which is why Brad Jones tries tor educe the risk of the ball damaging them?

Swansea City 0, Liverpool 1: Rank the Performances

thepartybird: I don't get the kneejerk downvotes for Glen Johnson. I mean, yeah, he hasn’t been good for us this year, but was he even in the match long enough to do anything good or bad today?

Mr Snrub: /reads
//considers point
///clicks downward thumb for Johnson

Manchester United Fitting End to a Tough Run of Fixtures

I don't understand
The only time form has ever mattered in this match is never. Form has never mattered in this match. Full stop.
The only time there is ever a mauling is when one team is simply better on the day or when the other team makes more silly errors.
This game is going to be intense, it’s going to be rough, it’s going to give u anxiety 5 days in advance but we aren’t going to know which team is going to play better untill 30 mins into the game itself.
So don’t contemplate over form and tactics to make your self feel less anxious because we’re in form or they’re in form and that means etw.
You just have to feel like your going to throw up every time you think of it and what it means and stop thinking about what is going to happen because u can’t think because no one knows because form has never and I hope never will play a factor in this game because its one of the things that makes being a supporter so great to be mentally and emotionally connected to these types of games.

— LFC-Pure class

Watch: Joe Allen vs. Swansea City

idclark: My friend (a Liverpool fan) despises wee Joe
and I was inclined to agree that he was not a very valuable part of the team until the recent months as he’s made some quietly crucial tackles and some great all-around play.
Has anyone here at TLO had a massive change of heart around the wee lad?
I think to change my friend’s mind about Joe, he’ll need some really deep level inception. Like 4+ dreams.

jeremy.wyenberg: I'd like to think that ihatejoeallen finally came around...
but I guess we’ll never know. ;-(

There were lots of great comments that suddenly became depressing in the context of Sunday's loss, so sorry for not including those ones, folks. We also found out that Liberecak is distantly related to Princess Diana and Gene Wilder is kingofzachland's second cousin (or something).

Staff Comment

Liverpool 1, Manchester United 2: First Thoughts

Disappointed in the dirty bs we pulled in this game.
Rooney had a naughty moment, there were some heated tackles, but the gerrard stamp, the balo rake on jones, the skrtel stamp at the end – what the fuck guys?
Never got on the ball, never seemed likely to get more than the one goal, didnt deserve it today. since studge returned ive been 100% convinced we’d be getting CL. But right now that seems a faint possibility at best.

— latortillablanca

Gif of the Week

An oldie but a goodie from the Manchester United overnight thread. (via He_Drinks_Sangria)


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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