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The Week in Search Terms: Alonso and Gerrard’s Love Child

People find their way to the Liverpool Offside using all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

Julian Finney/Getty Images
mario balotelli news

Why, what’s he done this time?

blackburn rovers replay date

It’s been officially set for Wednesday, April 8th, which is a hilariously long time to wait for a replay but what you get when federations are barred from scheduling domestic games during European competition weeks and then there’s an international break to work around. It also means that for whoever wins, their fans will only have ten days to secure tickets and nail down travel plans before the semi-finals at Wembley on the 18th.

liverpool to zlatan ibrahimovic

Seems as likely as the reverse.

dybala vs vietto

Paulo Dybala is a 21-year-old Argentine striker who plays for Palermo. He’s tallied 12 goals and eight assists in 27 games this season, with a goal scored every 194 minutes he’s on the pitch and a 13% strike rate. Palermo’s owner has claimed that he’s worth upwards of £30M on the market.

Luciano Vietto is a 21-year-old Argentine striker who plays for Villarreal. He’s tallied 20 goals and eight assists in 40 games this season, with a goal scored every 120 minutes he’s on the pitch and an 18% strike rate. He has a rumoured £14M buyout clause.

henderson to barcelona

Well it won’t be happening this summer at the very least. On account of the whole Barca running afoul of youth recruitment rules and being banned from registering new players for the next two transfer windows by UEFA.

fc barcelona transfer news

Yep, still can’t buy anybody. Maybe check back tomorrow.

gerard butler latest news

Everybody’s favourite cut-rate Russel Crowe may not have managed to turn his role in 300 into superstardom, but he’s kept busy over the years headlining a string of second-tier blockbusters that make their money back at the box office before being quickly forgotten about by the general public. He was the first name on the posters for movies like Olympus Has Fallen, Gamer, and Law Abiding Citizen, all of which you just now remembered are movies that exist.

He also voiced a character, possibly a dragon character, in How to Train Your Dragon and How to Train Your Dragon 2. So there's that. His production is down of late, though, with his last live-action movie released in 2013 and nothing scheduled for him until 2016’s Gods of Egypt. Butler has a law degree from Glasgow University but was fired from his first job before he could qualify as a lawyer due to an overly exuberant lifestyle. He’s known to be a supporter of Celtic.

i always loved you

I’m sorry. I mean, I like you. I do. But I’ve always thought of you more as a friend and thought you knew that. I’m sure you’ll find someone, though.

alonso and gerrard’s love child

Still trying to figure out that one ourselves.

gerrard alonso moreno

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