Wee Joe Mojo Mo's

This is my first Fanpost and it wont be too long, I just wanted to post a little moment of Wee Joe greatness, and show why I think he is technically phenomenal. I believe he is perhaps operating at a fraction of what he's capable of. I found the following gif on the interwebs, and mixed with his recent Man City performance, his new contract, and his swift injury recover, Im just feeling really excited about Wee Joe at the mo.

I think he's a special player, in need of more confidence and waiting to burst. I think he's capable of doing it all, but just lacks that necessary arrogance, that mojo, that makes players world class, that gives them the audacity to unleash. If he stays injury free, I believe we'll see him continue pressing, passing and tackling, but also start to see him ghost past players and score excellent goals.

Heres to more Joe mojo mo's...


If you have a favourite Joe mojo mo, feel free to share.

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