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The Week in Comments: "Reduce, Reus, Recycle"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Bringing back the ol' Everpool diner.
Bringing back the ol' Everpool diner.
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Community Comments

Vote: Who Starts Against West Ham, Dejan Lovren or Glen Johnson?

Either way, I can't wait to criticize it on Saturday!

— legendarywalton

Liverpool 2, West Ham 0: First Thoughts

Petsen2: I'm all warm and fuzzy inside!

And the future is bright, indeed.

Migs – 26
Can – 21
Sakho – 24
Hendo – 24
Dreem – 20
Ibe – 19
Couts – 22
Studge – 25
Lallana – 26
Lazar – 20
Origi – 20
Moreno – 22
Allen – 24

That’s a LOT of young talented players!

ChrisLFC: Goal totals in the 2016-17 season.

Liverpool vs. West Ham United: Match Preview, Team News, and Ways to Watch

Reduce, Reus, Recycle.

— Chief Ralphie the Red

Watch: Daniel Sturridge vs. West Ham United

Tras: How can anyone tire of watching Studge dance? Btw he’s 25 :)

Ed: This changes everything

Quicksloth: Because he can now rent a car in the US?

Chelsea 1 (2), Liverpool 0 (1) (AET): First Thoughts

Noel: Costa is way more malicious, but since he doesn’t bite people (and plays for a big London club) he mostly gets a pass.

Chicken Red: Stamping is less weird, so doesn't get the attention it should.

nihil in moderato: you can also play it off as an accident. Nobody would ever attempt to play biting someone off as an accident. That’d be dumb.

Chelsea 1 (2), Liverpool 0 (1) (AET): Outlasted at the Bridge

Fuck the people here are nice

— lucashm

Liverpool Reportedly Launch Danny Ings Bid

Chabalala: So 2015 Danny Ings is the 2014 Yevhen Konoplyanka

Konoplyanka: I’m still waiting.

Chelsea 1 (2), Liverpool 0 (1) (AET): First Thoughts

This can't be overstated. Sakho coming off was the turning point. The defense instantly began getting overrun with Johnson in Sakho’s spot. Plus, not having to use a sub on Sakho would have left another sub to use to bring Lallana on. I really think Sakho getting hurt made it much more difficult for us to win that game.

— Will Gregorich

Real Madrid Deny Raheem Sterling Interest

I thought this was an article about the failure of a verified Spanish banking institution ;(

— eatable hero

Rumour Mongering: Luis Suarez Set for Shock Arsenal Move

We still don't know what they're smoking at the Emirates, right?

— Charlottes Webster

Staff Comment

Chelsea 1 (2), Liverpool 0 (1) (AET): First Thoughts

Well, that was fucking painful in the end. Rodgers deserves a tonne of credit for getting this Liverpool side to the point they could outplay Chelsea for 170-ish minutes. Unfortunately he also deserves pretty much all of the blame for throwing that away over the final 40 or so with Gerrard dead on his feet but left on (because captain and penalties) and two statuesque strikers (who also would have been swell at penalties) up top at the expense of midfield or a fullback to cross the ball to them. Nearly two full matches of almost just… gone because… I don’t bloody know, narrative or something.

— Noel

Image of the Week

"The real positive here though is that we're inching ever closer to that Iced Beverage or medio coffee!"

(via PeterRed)


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Community Notes

  • Welcome to delurker CDKoenig . Apologies if I missed anyone!

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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