2015/16 squad

I am intrigued by what transfer activity will happen in the summer. I look at our roster and there are so many players I'm not expecting to see back in red.

Obviously the main one will be Gerrard, but the future is not looking bright for Coates, Aspas, Alberto, Borini, Johnson and perhaps even the 34 yo Toure.

On current showing Enrique (unused) and Manquillo (system) may be struggling and the clubs acceptance of a bid for Lambert doesn't bode well for his position.

We also have the likes of Smith and McLaughlinseemingly unable to impress the manager sufficiently to get any game time and Stewart and Dunn being loaned to Div2 sides diesnt appear too promising either.

Wisdom may get a shot next season, but he hasn't overly impressed on loan. ILori's loan has been interrupted by injury, Teixeira has had success but a division below and Original has also had his travails.

There are gaps now but we may be looking at more outgoings than incomings, with a focus on quality rather than quantity.

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