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The Week in Comments: "Is that how old he is in midfielder years?"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Official Photo Opportunity #7, which I'm sure upsets a lot of people.
Official Photo Opportunity #7, which I'm sure upsets a lot of people.
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Community Comments

Liverpool vs. Tottenham Hotspur: Ways to Watch, Streaming, Lineups, and Live Coverage

Quick question: Does the Europa League have its own bloated multi-language anthem? I honestly would be curious to know. If so, what are the lyrics?

Die Nicht-so-guten
Les pas très bonnes équipes
The Not-Quite-Champions
You Tried Your Best
Have a Cookie

— saintgrobian
Allen vs Tottenham 2: 2 Cynical 2 Fowl

— Quicksloth

Liverpool 3, Tottenham 2: It Was Always Balotelli

U may said I lie
Watching the game at 0300hr local time on my bed. When I watched Balotelli make his entry, I was not disappointed though I have condemn him on few occasion. I actually said in my heart "Com’on Balo, u can do it, score the winner for us, please"
He scored, surely, later on.
I condemned Balo for not showing enough passion in celebrating goal, by any means, he definitely should do it this time, a potential match winner goal with the clock ticking. Nevertheless as usual, he put on his dull look face, not even a smile. He still don’t celebrate his goal. For me, when he score,, I did not celebrate either. I can just clinch my fist and whisper softly the word "YES !!", not because I don’t celebrate goal, but because my wife sleeping beside me.

— steadyang
Emre Can in midfield
is better than sex wrapped in bacon

— brankeezy

Pascoe: Balotelli is "Immensely Happy" with Scoring Winning Goal Over Spurs

I have to admit, I had a little chuckle that Balo ended his goal drought in the ‘Seeing Is Believing’ kit.

— Fowler Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
Are you sure he was happy Eliz because I heard he stop his team mates from celebrating, pushed everyone off the pitch at the final whistle, told fans to close their eyes when walking by his car and burned down a dog shelter in Manchester. He seems a bit unhappy if you ask me

— Agent moyes

Steven Gerrard out with Hamstring Injury

Shocking, I thought he was the prime age for playing 3 times in 6 days.

— Balotelli's Mohawk
Elizabeth: Shocking news is shocking! Managing Gerrard’s minutes wasn’t just about making sure that the captain continues to play in an effective role that allows him to contribute meaningfully to the team, Brenno, it was also about him being four-hundred years-old and maybe needing a rest now and again. Ho hum.

Petsen2: Is that how old he is in midfielder years?

Rumour Mongering: Lacazette to Liverpool

ChrisLFC: I just watched a YouTube Video and apparently all this Lacazette guy does is score goals. Let’s get him.

tw10: I've only caught 1 Lyon game so far, and he wasn’t playing...this young kid Cornet looked like he had some potential.

Petsen2: Would you say he was instrumental in their play?

Crystal Palace 1, Liverpool 2: First Thoughts

Maccy123: I think Joe Allen is the worst football player in the world but he impressed me tonight. Big win at a difficult spot for Liverpool.

max-o: I’ll have you know, I’m a much worse footballer than Joe Allen.

ejbauer outlined why Brendan Rodgers won't get sacked if he doesn't lead Liverpool to a top four finish this season.

Staff Comment

Liverpool 3, Tottenham 2: It Was Always Balotelli

I find myself really irritated by a good portion of the focus on Balotelli’s lack of celebration. Would have been great to see him blow his top, because selfishly that’s really fun, but that’s just not him—the opener against Ludogorets was about as much as you’re going to get from him. Going on and on about it in the commentary and post-match smacks of useless complaining and narrative-driving nonsense rather than any sort of productive discussion. All the hushed but what does it mean ??? just seems like such bullshit.

— Ed

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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