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The Week in Comments: "AFTER MANGOES, free the whales?"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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The Week in Comments: "ISCO INFERNO"

ejbauer: AM, ftw

Nebhamoo: AFTER MANGOES, free the whales?

Hugo Boss Completely Faffs Up Liverpool Team Suits

More like Hugo Assistantotheregionalmanager right

— toomajian
This will not stand. I'm gonna start my own LFC designer line under the name "Our 'Ugo's Boss Tha"
And I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but our suits will have red in em and will look something like this. Pay me, LFC.

— saintgrobian

Southampton vs. Liverpool: Ways to Watch, Streaming, Lineups, and Live Coverage


— Ignignokt

Southampton 1, Liverpool 6: First Thoughts

What Divock just happened!

— winds
What is good about football?
To crush your opponent, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their fans.

— Indy Red

Origi: “I Told the Referee to Give it to Alberto”

eatable hero: If he were to go full-Klopp, he would have mentioned how three goals were cool, but there 87 other minutes in which he could’ve scored goals

Ken Mueller: yep... with a random "in this moment" for good measure and maybe something about how we know how to play football

ITStheGP: So just a draft, but this is what the Kloppomatic 5000 spat out from these inputs:
"In this moment, I told the referee if he gave the goal to Alberto it would be cool because I like to involve everybody. But it is not the worst situation."

Southampton 1, Liverpool 6: Reds Hammer Saints

The M-Ray Vision for that pass was out of this world!

— Considerate Passing, who gets bonus points for username & comment combo
BR was a bit too much intellectual while Klopp looks like to be a man of heart mainly!

BR thought the tools he had in hand were ineffective (always looking for new ones) !? In revenge, Klopp just sits down with the players for a little chat prior the game (tonight Origi for instance ) and all of a sudden they are reinvigorated, even his post-game comments are a boost(ask Sturridge). Klopp is transforming the less significant wrench in a key tool at the service of the collective.

In fact, Klopp is aware the players don’t work for the foreign office ie they can’t cope with the kinda roadmap they were given ahead of each game when BR was at the helm, so Klopp just simplifies the procedures, 1 or 2 instructions for each player would suffice and when those instructions are mixed with a hug/smile/warmth from the heart they produce gigantic flares on the pitch like tonight!

Moreover, Notwithstanding the individual brilliance of so and so week in week out, Klopp is still keeping a sharp eye on the pack which is his main focus whatever the pundits may tell you and he made the demo tonight, no need of couty, Firmy or Benteke, the pack matters first…and if you bear that in mind for more than a sec, then a legitimate question springs to mind, what is Klopp up to right now? What kind of reinforcements is he planning for the nearest future?Time will tell and we’re not far from January transfer window it seems.

A the end of the day, what a change in scenery, I just hope come Spring time the heralds all over the kingdom will break it to the major cities and countryside alike, a master of arms from Germany is mounting an army to march on England and way beyond. I say yes and yes the Reds army is getting back, just wait for the snow melt!

Last but not least, the fact Klopp is still a bit struggling with English makes me wonder if ths is another factor that’s helping him convey the message with his heart, I mean less talk and more signs from the heart will always create a good mood with the players that aren’t fluent in English either, like it seems to be the case with the mediterraneans in general, just saying?

— Momo1

Coutinho Doubtful For Newcastle Trip

ITStheGP: The club has been very sensible as of late...
...almost TOO sensible…what are you up to LFC?

ejbauer: prepping a bid for Lewa

Staff Comment

Southampton 1, Liverpool 6: Reds Hammer Saints

Elizabeth: deep confession
I don’t actually love Hendo the way everyone else does. * goes into hiding *

Noel: Well. This comments section has taken a dark turn.

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(via Chief Ralphie the Red)


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