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Klopp: "It Was a Good Game!"

Liverpool's manager was enthusiastic about his team's performance on the day, and is looking ahead one match at a time.

"Two legs? Are you serious?"
"Two legs? Are you serious?"
Clive Rose/Getty Images

Liverpool continued their incredible run of form on the road on Wednesday at St Mary's when they absolutely trounced Southampton 6-1 to advance to the next round of the League Cup. Jürgen Klopp was his typical pleased-but-not-too-pleased self, offering compliments to his squad while acknowledging room for improvement.

"It is not too often that you can enjoy a football game like this for the last 20 or 25 minutes," Klopp said after the match. "It was a good one tonight! I am really pleased. Not with the whole game - we had some problems early on, but then we started playing the game! The second half was good, much better than the start."

The result was another example of a Liverpool squad that has found a way to believe in itself in situations where they've gone behind, a change that's been evident since Klopp's arrival. It's a trait that will serve them well should they run into trouble during their semi-final matches against Stoke City, though it seems the manager is not at all sold on the idea of home and away games to decide the League Cup finalists.

"Whose idea was this to have two games in the semi final?!" Klopp said, experiencing a bit of English football culture shock. "Strange! I would have had no problems with a game against Everton. As you can see, we have no problem with matches against Manchester City! But we have Stoke.

"I've had a few semi finals in my life, and I have never had an easy one. Stoke will want this final for sure, as much as they can. But we have to wait until January now. There will always be problems in football, but at this moment it's OK. Next stop, Newcastle!"

With at least three goals scored in each of their last three away matches, Liverpool bring their strong away form to St James' Park on Sunday. Newcastle have reason to worry on the best of days this season, but like their fellow relegation battlers Chelsea experienced a few weeks ago, they've now got extra reason to fear the arrival of the Reds.

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