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The Week in Comments: "lovren is welsh?"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Community Comments

Liverpool 1 Leicester City 0: First Thoughts

Eliz: Lovren: be the CB we always wanted you to be. More importantly (to me at least): BE THE CB THAT SOMEHOW JUSTIFIES PUSHING DANIEL AGGER OUT OF THIS TEAM (NOT THAT THIS WAS YOUR FAULT). Also, Lovren on the right, FFS, which is basically all I’ve ever wanted since he signed. Anyway, Lovren.

saintgrobian: Cue Lovren getting a new tattoo that says "BTCBTSJPDAOOTT-NTTWMF"

Ed: lovren is welsh?
If Lovren keeps this up, my name will no longer be satire!

— Can't Stop Lovren You

What Do Liverpool Fans Want for Christmas? A Fullback or a Striker or…

CB is like new socks – at first youre like ‘uhhh this is what you got me?’ but then you realize the pairs you have are kinda ratty and might tear in half any monent. Plus you wear socks every day so theyll get most use.

Striker is like a new 60 inch 4k smart tv when you have a perfectly good 42 inch LCD from 2009. Youre going to love watching the superbowl on it, but that money could have gotten you some good stuff. Plus, aside from a Coutinho here or there, most of the tv shows on nowadays kinda suck so that tvs just going to sit there unused a lot.

New FB is like getting FIFA 16. Exciting at first until you realize you like the older versions better so it mostly just sits there until the odd cup game.

New DM is like an awesome new shirt you really want. Excited for it but then you realize it prob means you’ll wear Old Blue that youve had since college less and less and that kinda bums you out.

New Winger is like a gift card. Yeah its nice, but youre probably just going to lose it in Turkey.

New Gk is like getting Adeles new album. You may not need it, but you need it.

— campion

Marko Grujic to Wear the Eight for Liverpool

Khaine: Worth noting that he's currently wearing the #8 at Red Star. I’m sure he’s requesting it because he considers it his number, not because he considers himself the second coming of Stevie. He might not even be aware of the history of the number at Liverpool.

toomajian: Surely you’re not suggesting that he didn’t grow up playing with Liverpool on Fifa

Noted Medical Expert Daniel Sturridge Says Daniel Sturridge is Fit and Ready to Go

I’m not commenting anymore when I’m in a post-game euphoria. Reading after having a pound of BBQ/appropriate amount of beer is hard.

— Waldo Rastel

Rumour Mongering: Could ter Stegen Be the Solution?

Charlottes Webster: There aren’t many keepers who are an upgrade on MAtS though. Certainly not at his age.

Nebhamoo: They can sell him to us now, buy him back in 4 seasons.

Souness: Liverpool's Players Aren't Good Enough

I'm kind of really over all the negativity.

Liverpool fans, in particular, have demonstrated over the last few weeks that they’re just as fickle as every other football supporter in the world. Even despite their desperate attempts to convince otherwise. It’s kind of really dragging me down, so I’m trying to stay away from opinion places as much as possible.

I will, however, say that Graeme Souness is and always has been the absolute embodiment of the fickle football fan. He’s really just taken over the mantle from Alan Hansen as the token guy that just spews whatever comes from his brain with no filter. At least Hansen had a bit of charisma when he was talking bollocks. Souness is also one of the primest examples you’ll find of somebody who is lost in the modern game. I’d be surprised if he didn’t think Pulis was the most genius manager in the league. Bore off.

The last few results for Liverpool have got absolutely nothing to do with quality A team with a core of Sturridge, Coutinho, Benteke and Firmino is absolutely full of quality. Then you mention the actually halfway decent spine of Sakho, Lucas, Henderson, Lallana, and yes, Milner. They’re all top quality, despite what people might try to lead you to believe. And Clyne and Moreno are just about as good as any fullback pairing in the league. Even Mignolet is nowhere near as bad as people like to think. You can win titles with Mignolet in goal, no question. We nearly did, remember?

Not having it that we don’t have enough quality. Our problem is symptomatic of the Brendan Rodgers hangover. And I’m not pinning the blame for that on Rodgers at all, at least not entirely. The problem is that the club from top of bottom was managed horribly in the aftermath of the title challenge, and we’re still recovering from it. Players lack identity, guidance, and a vision. The fans lack passion, enthusiasm, and belief. Just gotta let Klopp get on with it and strain your vocal chords while he does it. If you can’t get up for that, well, I’m afraid we’re getting just about all the success we ‘deserve’ right now.

— Nerf

Staff Comment

Souness: Liverpool's Players Aren't Good Enough

Atmosphere at Anfield doesn’t help either. Just groaning at young players (sometimes) or quiet. Even when atmosphere has improved, it’s spells during the game. Liverpool fans shouldn’t wait to be entertained but try to push the team on. Why did Klopp make the gesture he did at the West Brom game? Because he knows the support from Liverpool fans isn’t the same as what he experienced at Dortmund.

When Liverpool fans say Klopp should be delighted to manage Liverpool not the other way round, I get it. But here’s the thing, the fans need to understand that the season is unpredictable, the past is the past, Klopp is a huge coup, the players have already shown they can do it in a way that matches biggest results of recent times, and need support.

How many Liverpool fans go to twitter to mention players and slate them? Or say they’re going to win the league after a few wins? Or claim that the players are shite after a few defeats?

— Chuck


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