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Liverpool 1 Leicester City 0: First Thoughts

Christian Bentakes it to the Foxes in a effervescent advertisement for premiership football against Claudio Ranieri's side.

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Liverpool 1 Benteke 63'
Leicester City 0

  • Pre Game Thoughts: If you would have told us at the beginning of the season that we'd be this excited for a showdown with Leicester City, we'd have assumed it would be down to heavy alcohol consumption. And be that as it may, we're also excited to see if the Divock n Lock can put a few past Kasper the friendly keeper. Also, how on earth is Dejan alive, let alone starting in this game?

  • No trainer tops for the Reds denotes a businesslike attitude that's carried through the opening exchanges, and punctuated by a hello, how are ya? curler from Phil. Then the Foxes demonstrate their fleet break in a counter that's well cleared. Game on.

  • Adam Lallicious almost gets his Lalleg broke on that one. Nice snappy energy to this game, matching what appears to be a snappy wind. 

  • Dr. Spaceman apparating to the complete opposite side of where he was just a second ago, and snuffs out that break. Damn it feels good to have gangster fullbacks. 

  • Leicester almost carves us open, but nice heads up from Moreno and Migs to sort it. Phil's got his shooting boots on, and a Divockulous run and take there from Origi to almost break open this encounter. Put away your chances, lads!!

  • All due respect to Christian Benteke and Roberto Firmino, but we're loving what Divock is giving the Reds as a forward runner here.

  • Mama continues to demonstrate a few out of form missteps, and that one from Vardy could have ended much worse. Thankfully, Dejan is sharp and active and somehow still alive after that injury against West Brom. Seriously, how does he even.

  • Divock goes down, but at least Liverpool have loads of in form center forwards to replace him.

  • Shocking Comment Alert 5000 Klaxxon: Dejan Lovren's been Liverpool's best player this half.

  • Halftime: Lots of chances for the Reds, some of them even great ones, but no goals. Few chances for the Foxes, but the breaks have seemed promising. Quem nao faz, leva. Our halftime team talk includes some Colombian dark roast washing down a french dip sandwich with leftover holiday prime rib on ciabatta. 

  • Still camping on Leicester City's half, still with limited bottom line returns, and Benteke is still construing increasingly creative ways to not have shots at goal.

  • Helluva in swinger from Henderson on that overlap, but a familiar result. 

  • OPERATION ANFIELD EXERCISE, aka our time, lads!!


  • Is that Christian Benteke or Rui Costa with that curler off the cut in? Funny what a goal does for confidence, eh?

  • No goal for Vardy today, Leicester somewhat confusingly put Mahrez on Migs on a subsequent corner, but that was damn near an Olimpico finish. Be still my beating sphincter.

  • Snap save from Mignolet makes us thank our lucky stars, before his faffing on the subsequent corner makes us curse the footballing gods. Another goal feels on in this one, just not sure for which side.


  • Best decision we ever made was to watch this one in Spanish. Jerk-haan Cop!

  • By the ghost of Tom Joad that was a helluva crack from Phil. Get some.

  • What a steaming pile of offensive matter that break was from Henderson.  HAVE A GO!!

  • Thank you very, very, very, VERY much, Emre Can.  Aaaand then he takes a page out of Henderson's book on that counter. Swell.

  • Klopp turns to adult supervision in Lucas and Allen to try to quell Liverpool's burning desire to snatch a draw from the jaws of victory, here.  Helluva game from Lallama, good enough from Phil. DEJAN LOVREN MAN OF THE MATCH!!!

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