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The Week in Comments: "Buy all of Neymar’s pals, then buy Neymar, then laugh at United."

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

That's good, because you live in England.
That's good, because you live in England.
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Community Comments

Liverpool FC Transfer News: Transfer Talk Makes Lucas Happy

New transfer strategy
Buy all of Neymar’s pals, then buy Neymar, then laugh at United.

— Indy Red

Origi Thankful for Fans After “Emotional” Finish at Anfield

yeah pretty much all of this

like you mention Noel, don’t understand how anyone could have missed that direct connection between Klopp’s earlier pleas for improved support and the show of thanks post-match. think it was a really smart move with perfect timing—we asked you to stick around regardless of what’s happening, you did, we scored super late with your backing, now let’s see what happens if this becomes the new normal.

any displeasure with it just seems so forced, though it does provide yet another opportunity to highlight the ridiculousness of the English press and their disdain for anything and everything not wholly English. "maybe that’s what they do on the continent, but here in England we prefer that everyone be absolutely miserable and cynical"

edit: also go Divock

— Ed

Liverpool Reportedly Agree First Deal of the Klopp Era

If the move doesn’t happen, I hope no-one holds any grujics against the parents.

— Tras

Steven Gerrard is Loving Liverpool’s New Manager

Walter Sobchak: He makes you feel taller... I really like that line. That’s my goal from now on – to make people feel just a bit taller.

Bentaco: Just bend your legs a bit.

Klopp Takes Responsibility for Mignolet on First West Brom Goal

Guess Klopps saying" MIG-NO-LET it go!

Dont get it to your head buddy... daddys gonna take care of it..."

And thats really strong of a manager to actually come out and take the blame for a players personal error...
I mean after this every one of those players must have realised that THIS is OUR guy.
Trust him with your life and he will stand up for you.

— troy433

Jerome Sinclair Unlikely to Extend Contract A.K.A. Aidy Ward Strikes Again

I fucking dare you to talk shit about Jurgen, aidy

— ejbauer

Liverpool FC Transfer News: Reds Working to Sign Matip

Mr Lewis: our rumors are getting really good

saintgrobian: I have visions of Arda Turan and Cristian Tello standing in the rain outside Klopp’s window, looking in forlornly.

Watford 3, Liverpool 0: First Thoughts

Hey, at least it's Sunday night

Liverpool hasn’t managed to ruin the whole weekend.

— Lis.

Hairspray: Stand Up

Last Sunday at Anfield...

I had the privilege/honor/excitement of sitting/standing in the Kop, as I took a lengthy side excursion during a quick business trip to merry old England (flew into London on Sunday morning, caught the train to Liverpool, got to the match, then left the next morning for Norwich, where I had a meeting).

My take on the Kop’s reception to Klopp, based on my own observations Sunday?

Tony Evans may not walk alone, but he’s definitely walking in a small group.

The Kop roared for the team and for the manager on Sunday. When WBA scored the go-ahead goal, the Kop allowed the away fans a few minutes of celebration, while the Kop itself stood quietly. Soon thereafter, the chants restarted with greater vigor. There was a powerful energy of urging. In the 96th minute, I felt the cliche of the Kop sucking in a goal. And, I’ll tell you, as unlikely as it would have been, for the remaining two minutes of added time, everyone in the Kop believed (as Jordan Henderson said he believed) that the Reds would somehow go on to grab the go-ahead goal as well.

When Klopp himself took to the pitch after the final whistle, and corraled the players for a thank-you bow to the Kop, I heard not a single moan. Instead, there was (to my eyes and ears) a universal positive response in body and voice. The Kop rose as one to thank the team and its leader right back. Thank you for bringing excitement back. Thank you for reminding us that we are a critical part of this club and team. Thank you for introducing our players into a treasured part of the club culture that had largely been forgotten. And thank you for taking the time to have the team acknowledge all of this in such a public fashion.

This isn’t quirky. This isn’t pandering to the crowd. This isn’t an unnecessary and passing fad. This is the bit that matters, folks. What Klopp is trying to register here, it is the stuff.
Thank you. Thank you, indeed.

— steve.b.jensen

Staff Comment

Klopp Takes Responsibility for Mignolet on First West Brom Goal

I don’t agree with Klopp, but what man-management this is. Liverpool got a late equaliser, Klopp made the players along with himself salute the fans, and he’s trying to free his first-choice goalkeeper of any guilt for his mistake.

How can anyone not trust or want to play for this guy??

— Chuck


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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