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Ibe On Klopp: We Can Make History

In a revealing interview with The Independent, Jordon Ibe opens up about the new atmosphere Jürgen Klopp is creating at Liverpool, and how the charismatic Swabian is building confidence in the dressing room.

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Prior to Jürgen Klopp's appointment, Jordon Ibe was struggling to create the same impact as he did last spring. Somewhere along the way he had lost his confidence, and no longer made the powerful driving runs at opponents' defensive line that had made him such a threat last campaign. And like almost every other player on the squad, Klopp's appointment coincided with an instantaneous uptick in young Ibe.

Ibe discussed Klopp's impact--on him personally, and the team as a whole--at length in an excellent piece by The Independent, well worth the read if you have the time.

"One on one, he's really good," the young winger said. "He's building relationships. The older players, you can see the respect [they have for him]. With the younger ones like me he's a father figure. He's cool, you know? He understands. On the pitch you don't feel any pressure.

"Before, I used to build up a lot of pressure inside myself but now I feel cool. I'd like to score more. But first and foremost, it's the team that matters. We can change things around - do better. We can make history. The manager, he helps make us believe."

Two "cools" in one interview? The gaffer is clearly getting his message across.

Although Ibe never directly compares Klopp with Rodgers, I think a lot can be gleaned from what he focused on in the interview. He spoke at great length about getting fringe players like Brad Smith and Cameron Brannagan into the squad, about Klopp's way of personally addressing each player individually, and about his clearly defined expectations.

"The thing that's in his heart is the work off the ball: winning tackles. From the youngest player to the oldest player in the team, he's given them freedom. Say I might lose the ball four times, I won't hear anything from him, unless I don't work to get it back.

"He says the last 10 minutes is the most crucial part of the game," Ibe continued. "Maybe that's why he's mentioned fans leaving. We need to build on the emotion and get them excited - get them to stay."

Ibe's comments jibe well with what other current and former players have said about Klopp's management style. We might still be in the "honeymoon phase" of Kloppomania, but the changes the manager is making now bodes well for the future of the club.

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