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New Deals Needed For Scouse Duo Flanagan And Rossiter

Liverpool love their local lads, but the club is in danger of losing two promising Scouse yutes when the transfer window opens on January 1st.

Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Youth players come and go, often without much fanfare. To use Jerry Maguire's analogy, they're like popcorn in the pan, some pop, some don't. That said, there are two local youth players from whom we've already seen a great deal of quality, Jordan Rossiter and Jon Flanagan.

Flanagan, 22, and Rossiter, 18, both have contracts expiring in the summer. According to FIFA rules (which I'm told exist somewhere), foreign clubs could potentially come in and sign either (or both) players on a pre-contract as soon as the winter transfer window opens. Unlike the English system of a compensation tribunal, Liverpool would be entitled to a scant sum of £250,000 if the player signs outside of England.

Obviously injury woes have dampened Flanagan's bright prospects. But his fantastic run of form during the title push in 2013-14 proves him to be a valuable asset, one that--if healthy--could at the very least add depth to one of our thinnest positions, and possibly push for a starting spot outright.

Rossiter, on the other hand, has acquitted himself well in his limited appearances, becoming the second-youngest player ever to score for Liverpool in the process.

With their local connections, I imagine both players want to stay at Liverpool, especially with a manager known for being generally awesome and good at developing youth players. That said, Udinese is rumored to be monitoring Rossiter's situation, and we've seen many examples of youth players leaving for more playing time throughout the years.

Although Flanagan's injuries and Rossiter's age and inexperience mean that these two players are far from "sure things," I think most would agree that we've seen enough to warrant keeping them around.

So, show them the money.

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