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The Week in Search Terms: Can Liverpool Finish Top Four?

People find their way to the Liverpool Offside using all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

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jon flanagan

Will be back in January. Just, you know, maybe not this January.

pedro to liverpool

Shouldn’t Pedro moving to Chelsea finally have put an end to those rumours? Or with the Blues a point clear of relegation, having just sacked their manager, and with Liverpool in need of reinforcements on the wing is Pedro to Liverpool maybe a thing that could legitimately thing again? And now that I’ve said all that of course Pedro to Liverpool is a thing that could thing again. Hell, it almost certainly already has in some corner of the rumoursphere.

star wars spoilers

Coutinho’s pugs were Sith all along. And getting caught was part of their plan. Nobody saw it coming.


Welcome to the internet, friend.

can liverpool finish top four

Two months ago, when Jürgen Klopp signed on, the Premier League looked to be shaping up for an outlier season. A points total in the low-60s looked like it might be enough to earn a Champions League place. With Leicester City still top of the table in December, though, things look like they’re headed for a fairly normal finish after all. The names may change, but what it takes to get there doesn’t.

The top four are on pace for 83, 78, 76, and 69 point seasons. The one club set to break the 80 point barrier? Leicester. The important thing—or the worrying thing for Tottenham and Liverpool—is they’ve earned enough points that even if they average of 1.36 per game the rest of the way (a 52 point pace) they hit 65 points in the final table. They’ve performed so well they can play like a mid-table side from here out and still end up with more total points than the current fifth-place side, Tottenham, are on pace for.

Leicester are now, along with Arsenal and the Manchesters, a side that has to be beaten. It can’t reasonably be expected they will collapse so badly someone can sneak in with a low-60s total. So. Can Liverpool make it? Sure. But they need to improve significantly. Under Klopp, they’ve averaged 1.5 points per. There have been signs of improvement, but it’s the same as they managed under Rodgers, and a 57 point pace. They need 1.86 per game from here out (a 71 point pace) to reach 65 and 2.09 (a 79 point pace) to get 70.

latest news on marco reus

He’s still not a Liverpool player.

"facebook" + "data cards"

I have no idea what those words mean.

liverpool highest earning player

The club doesn’t release salary details, which makes it hard to know for any certainty who’s earning the most right now once escalators are taken into account. There are in any case four players in contention. Club captain Jordan Henderson, the injury-prone Daniel Sturridge, and new signings James Milner and Christian Benteke all have contracts that could hit £150k per week or more with escalators, though it’s unlikely any of them are currently maxed out given two are new signings, Henderson’s deal was signed late last season, and Daniel Sturridge has been injured pretty much since he signed his.

offensive player

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