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Dear Daniel Sturridge

We need you to dance again.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Dear Daniel Sturridge,

You scored all the goals and danced in celebration of them. 37 times you've scored in 60 Premier League appearances from a total of 44 goals in 72 competitive matches in all competitions. This is exactly the type of record that stands up to our other striking stars in the Premier League era: Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Fernando Torres, and Luis Suárez. We've always had a history of seeing goalscorers in beautiful red, even before football was invented in 1992. You've been walking the path of a Liverpool great, and sometimes there's not enough recognition that you've been doing so.

Since arriving at Liverpool in January 2013, you've been humble, worked hard, and engaged warmly with the fanbase. Anyone paying attention will notice that you've interacted with much humour and spirit with your colleagues. You've always been proud of your Jamaican roots and your faith in a way that has always come across as authentic. By the way, what's up with you and Philippe Coutinho? You both arrived in the same window and seem to have such a wonderful understanding on the pitch. The prospect of the pair of you featuring regularly on the pitch for the remainder of the season under the guidance of Jürgen Klopp would give Liverpool an excellent chance of finishing in the top four and strongly pushing for a trophy this season.

This is where there's a bit of a problem. You've been injured quite a bit of late, and while the other strikers have their qualities, you're the best shot we've got. To bring in a player of similar quality to you is going to cost the type of money that FSG and Klopp probably won't spend in January given the £32.5 million arrival of Christian Benteke in the previous window. We're stuck with you as our best hope, and with your qualities as a footballer, that's something we could very well be celebrating by the end of the season. Something's telling us there's a chance.

It must be difficult to suffer setback after setback on your return from injuries, and it's made even worse by your deadly goalscoring cameos. Clearly you still have the pace to stretch defences with finishing, technique, and movement to dismantle whatever plans Aston Villa and Southampton had in the Premier League and Capital One Cup respectively. That's probably what frustrates Liverpool fans the most: that you can return and do the business. Pain can be many things as the manager has pointed out, but there's also the disappointment for the player. A lot of fans have forgotten that you might be downhearted at being injured so much after you moved to Liverpool for the opportunities you were denied at Manchester City and Chelsea.

Strangely enough, you've done more than enough to show that you were talented enough to be given more of a chance and consistent enough to be played as a main striker. You've proven that the loan spell at Bolton Wanderers under Owen Coyle is just what happens when Daniel Sturridge plays up front. Now, there's one more challenge: to prove you can remain fit. It's a pity that injuries are blocking your playing opportunities now that you've got the club, platform, recognition (not quite enough to be honest), talent, and top class manager you need.

Here's hoping that you have a speedy recovery and make some powerful music with Klopp... maybe throw in another dancing double with Alberto Moreno. Klopp turned us all from doubters to believers in what Liverpool could do this season, and there's a chance in 2016 for you to do the same.

Yours sincerely,

An eternally optimistic Liverpool fan


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