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Klopp: No Club Overhaul Needed

Building on previous statements about working with the players who are already here, Klopp seems content with the squad already in place.

Even Lovren is feeling the love under Klopp.
Even Lovren is feeling the love under Klopp.
Clive Rose/Getty Images

Since the title run of 2013/14, pundits and fans alike have bemoaned the lack of quality in Liverpool's squad. Brendan Rodgers--who played no small part in player evaluation, recruitment, and training--even bemoaned not having the proper "tools" to be able to compete across all competitions.

Jürgen Klopp, unsurprisingly, has a very different take on the players currently at his disposal.

"They are all Liverpool players here," Klopp explained. "Decisions that were made in the past were not as bad as maybe some people think. It is not a coincidence they are here. When I saw the squad - when on my holiday - I thought ‘good job, I can work with this.' They are all nice guys with big skills with big passion - all that we need and now we can work together."

Klopp also stated that he has tried to come in and judge players himself, without preconceived notions. This, in turn, has helped foster the so-called new manager bounce.

"Of course it is like this in a positive way where everyone says it's a new chance and all the players feel more important than before. That's normal after they've been judged for a few years. Everyone has judged them. I asked many people at LFC and they told me about him, him and him. I said ‘stop it, I don't want to hear any more'. I said I didn't want to hear about my players any more. I wanted to watch and start learning about them."

Obviously there are still glaring weaknesses in the club that Klopp & Co. will want to address. A couple of pacey wingers would be nice to have around, as would depth at fullback and defensive midfield. Regardless, Klopp doesn't seem to be eyeing a complete transformation over the next couple of transfer windows, which should bode well for the club as they continue to gel and improve under the new manager.

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