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Klopp Met With Rodgers Before Man City Clash

According to Klopp, he met up with Rodgers for a chat prior to last weekend's game against Manchester City. It's just as well, because meeting after the impressive 4-1 victory would have been pretty awkward.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

In Jürgen Klopp's pre-match presser, the German gaffer confirmed that he met with former boss Brendan Rodgers. If you're looking for juicy details, bad luck, as Klopp had little to say on the matter (though in typical Klopp fashion, he said a lot about saying very little).

"Yes I met him. It was a really nice talk, he is a nice guy. I said that before I met him, and we had a good talk. Nothing else about sport, the world and private things." Klopp drove home this final point by adding with a laugh, "It is nothing for you!"

"I did things like this with Thomas Tuchel [his successor] at Dortmund."

However, we did learn about Klopp's preference when choosing a guidebook, in this case eschewing the ubiquitous Lonely Planet.

"If I want to know something about Liverpool I can read Marco Polo [travel guide]. Always when a new manager settles in things change. If I would ask something about Liverpool, I would have met him earlier, not after six weeks. It is not important what we talked about."

Now that Klopp and Rodgers are besties, I'm sure they spoke for hours after the result at Manchester City. Or, you know, probably not.

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