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Moreno On English, Giving An Extra 43 Percent

In an interview with the official website, Alberto Moreno spoke about developing an unspoken understanding with his other non-native English speaking defenders. Also, 157% just ain't what it used to be.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

As a native English speaker who has lived in several non-English speaking countries, I can attest that a great deal can be accomplished through gestures and other non-verbal communication. Left back Alberto Moreno seems to agree with this sentiment.

When the Spanish defender steps on the pitch, he generally doesn't have time to decipher the finer points of English being shouted at his general direction, and therefore must rely on a more intuitive understanding with his other defenders.

"I think that we understand each other with just a look, and that means it's not too difficult for us."

Moreno also drew the distinction between understanding the native English speakers in the squad, and those that spoke "his" kind of English.

"What's more, I can understand their English a lot better than I can a native English speaker. If you see what I mean, it's more like ‘my' kind of English! I say my English... maybe not mine, as it's very bad! But it's true that I have a good understanding with them and I enjoy playing just as much alongside either one of them."

Because no recent interview would be complete without hearing the player's opinion of new manager Jürgen Klopp, we were treated to that bit too.

"It's certainly true that he has transmitted a lot of energy in the dressing room and I think we're now demonstrating that out on the field. Every player is playing at 200 percent and we're all committed. The gaffer is showing his confidence in every player, he has faith in all of us, and I think that's important that everyone feels they have the manager's trust."

200 percent? No wonder we've been more successful under Klopp. However, perhaps it is time to start worrying about effort percentage inflation.

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