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Hairspray: Subterranean Homesick Reds

Jürgen Klopp's stamping his authority on Liverpool and that deserves a Dylan-themed tribute.

Ya, guys, you all made it.
Ya, guys, you all made it.
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

liverpool blog fc sbn

Jonny's in the basement

Zaffin up the medicine

Ibe's on the pavement

Thinking about the gegenpress

The man they call Zeljko

Last out takeoff

Says he's gonna back Klopp

What's he do his day off?

Look out Kent, it's something you did

Fowler knows when, but Jürgen doin it again

You better duck down the Danny way

Lookin for a new Friend

The man in the scouse-skin cap in Southampton

Wants eleven dollar bills

But you only got ten

liverpool blog fc sbn

Mama comes freak foot

Face to a black boot

Ice an then the heat put

No chance of pants but

Dafuq Simon Mignolet

That's just what the many say

Loses trust but then he saves

Orders from the JK

Look out Kent

Don't matter what you did

Walk on; not alone

Don't try to rush home

Better stay an sing your notes

Don't presuppose you in the knows

Keep a clean sheet

Watch Moreno

You don't need a cameraman

To know which day the King shows

liverpool blog fc sbn

Ah get fit, get well

Leaning after inked deals

Bring Ayre, hard to tell

If anything is gonna sell

Try hard, shoulder barge

Get back, fight or fail

Get Arda then Tello

Jamie Vardy if you fail

Look out Kent

You're gonna get hit

Use those meters

Six-yard shooters

Hang around the keepers

Phil fittin Liverpool

Dribblin a new fool

Follow Lucas leader

Watch for Dejan beaters

liverpool blog fc sbn

Ah, get shorn, keep shorn

No pants, romance, learn to dance

Get dressed in Liver crest

Try to be a success

Please Herr, please him, buy gifts

An trophy lifts

Plenty years of croonin

Firmino makin short shrift

Look out Kent

They biddin some quid

Better pump up Nathaniel

No bites; no more scandals

Don't err Randall

Avoid a Titus Bramble

Don't wanna be a bum

Disappoint Jürgen

The lump could work

Cos Tekker's in the scramble

liverpool blog fc sbn

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