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Liverpool FC Transfer News: Reds Take on Chelsea and Arsenal in Isco Chase

Rumour has it that Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea are all after Real Madrid attacking midfielder Isco, who has reportedly asked to leave the Bernabeu.

Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

Jürgen Klopp's arrival at Anfield hasn't just boosted the Reds' play on the field. It's also, it turns out, boosted the calibre of players the club is getting linked to by rumour mongers far and wide. Go back a month or two, and not just linking Liverpool to Real Madrid's Isco but suggesting they could actually beat out Arsenal and Chelsea to him would have seemed faintly ridiculous.

Now, according to Bild at least, that's exactly what's happening as the trio of Premier League clubs chase after the out of favour Madrid man. Los Blancos paid €30M to capture the highly rated youngster from Malaga in 2013, but he wasn't yet the finished product. He's closer to that now, but still has a tendency to get lost down the depth chart amongst Madrid's latest set of Galacticos, and reports have him asking to leave.

The most likely landing place would the Premier League due to the outsized spending power the English clubs currently have. That seems fair; it seems reasonable. Still, there's a long way between Isco wanting out of Madrid with England his most likely destination and the Reds beating out Arsenal and Chelsea for his services. And Bild, for all that they may know German football, are an odd source for the rumour.

Isco was linked to Liverpool for a time before Madrid snapped him up, and few Reds fans would complain if the talented midfielder could be brought in now for a relative bargain. As yet, though, there have been no solid links between club and player emanating from sources with connections to either of the clubs that would have to be involved to actually get a deal done. That makes it rather hard to take the rumour seriously.

The player may well want out, and if he does he's likely to end up in England. Bild, it seems, have put two and two together and—thanks to Liverpool's improved play of late and the arrival of Klopp—ended up with Anfield. There doesn't seem a whole lot more than that to the rumour when you get right down to it, but for Liverpool fans it will at least be flattering the rumour mongers think it could actually happen.

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