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Carragher: Klopp Won't Make Big Changes Until Summer

Jamie Carragher, on the heels of being booed off the pitch in a charity match at Old Trafford, shared his thoughts about Liverpool's upcoming transfer strategy under new boss Jürgen Klopp.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Few recent Liverpool retirees have been as busy as Jamie Carragher. He's nailed down a new career as a Sky Sports commentator. He plays in a few charity matches. And he'll talk at length about Liverpool to anyone willing to put a microphone in front of his face.

In this case, it was the Evening Standard, who asked the former Liverpool defender his opinion on Klopp's possible moves in the January transfer market. For those hoping to land Big Name Player™, Carragher thinks it's best to lower expectations.

"Eventually, he will make big changes," Carragher said, "But I think in January it's always difficult to make those kinds of changes. Now and again you see signings coming in January who make a big difference - Luis Suarez was huge for Liverpool. Daniel Agger came in January too and he did really well, but it's not normally a time when you get the best players on offer."

Liverpool supporters would be quick to add Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge to that list of great January signings, but Carragher's point still remains. Generally January isn't the best time to be wheeling and dealing.

"I imagine the changes [Klopp] will look to make and want to implement will come more in the summer," the Sky Sports pundit continued, "At present the team and the squad isn't quite good enough to be where everyone wants Liverpool to be and that's the whole point why you bring a new manager in."

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