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Who Can Liverpool Least Afford to Lose to Injury?

Half way through an international break and with ten players already on the trainer's table, we ask who could Liverpool least afford to lose to injury right now.

We won't be able to scrimmage five a side at this rate!!!
We won't be able to scrimmage five a side at this rate!!!
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Injuries have become one of the stories for Liverpool in this first season under Jürgen Klopp. When Mamadou Sakho landed awkwardly against Crystal Palace, it was perhaps the worst possible injury to afflict Liverpool's team at this point in the season. With the gegenpress, so many different components have to work in unison in offense, in defense, and in transition. Because of that demanding reality, players who excel in all three phases are worth their weight in Red gold, at the moment. Mamadou Sakho is one such player.

Joining Sakho, at least temporarily, on the trainer's table are Jordon Ibe, James Milner, Kolo Toure, Daniel Sturridge, Jordan Rossiter, Danny Ings, Joe Gomez, Jordan Henderson, Connor Randall, Jose Enrique, and Jon Flanagan. Much has been written about how this collection of talents, when fit, actually represents one of the more competitive lineups in the league. And, although it may be hard to do as supporters of a club that revels in the past as much as ours does, it does Jürgen Klopp's team no good to think about the players who aren't capable of suiting up at the moment.

So, instead, we'll live in a masochistic and hypothetical future and ask which of Liverpool's fit and firing options would be toughest to lose to injury. Who can Jürgen Klopp least afford to lose? Is it Coutinho's facemelting goals, Martin Skrtel's steady eddy routine, or one of the flying fullbacks? Is it an unlisted wildcard option? Give us your vote.

****Voting on the poll wasn't functional originally, because you are welcome. The issue is fixed now, so thank you for putting up with it!

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