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Emre Can and German NT Return to Germany After Stadium Explosions

The day after Paris was victim to several coordinated terrorist attacks in the heart of the city, including the Stade de France where France and Germany were playing a friendly, Liverpool player Emre Can, traveling with the German National Team, has arrived safely back in Germany.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

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Friday's attacks on the city of Paris was a tragedy with, reportedly, over 100 casualties that has shocked the entire world. On the periphery of this event was the fact that France and Germany were playing out an international friendly at the Stade de France when explosions hit right outside of the stadium. The sound of the blast could be heard on the television broadcast, and while the teams played out the rest of a 2-0 France victory, likely in order to keep people safely inside of the stadium, all eyes were on the events unfolding throughout the city.

Young Liverpool midfielder Emre Can, with only a handful of senior caps for the German team, was on the pitch when the bombs hit. After the game ended, no one was allowed to leave the stadium, and supporters were brought down on the pitch as they awaited further instructions.

The German National Team, who earlier in the day had to evacuate their hotel due to a bomb threat, spent the night in the dressing room of the stadium until they could be sure that it was safe to return to their hotel. Early Saturday morning, they left the Stade de France, before making their way to Charles de Gaulle airport and returning to Germany.

While the match between France and England had been previously postponed, it appears that that game, along with Germany's next match, a friendly against rivals the Netherlands in Hanover on Monday, will still be played as scheduled.

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