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Klopp Dines with New Colleagues

There's a new club related destination for when you visit Liverpool, folks: the first place Jürgen Klopp ate a meal as manager of your beloved Reds.

Boris Streubel/Getty Images

Wow. What a wonderful audience. Assuming you've gone out and purchased a new media device of choice after the old one melted following the news that Liverpool nabbed themselves a new messiah, then perhaps you'd like to know what Jürgen Klopp did in celebration of putting pen to paper on that new contract? Or there are international fixtures we could talk about, you know. Up to you guys.

Right, so after taking this picture, Klopp invited--wait. Not to be Kloppilant, but we should really talk about the picture. Two things jump right out at you in that moment: they should re-film Troy right now just so they can cast Klopp as Brad Pitt's father--that's how good he looks. Yes, for those keeping score, it took Klopp less than 24 hours to achieve Zeus status. Toothy grin shining as ever, promising more to come. Secondly, the New Balance feels like the exact, perfect brand to take us into this Anno Kloppini (AK) era we find ourselves in. They already brought some fire with the training sweats this year, but we dream of the hat, hoodie, and trainer game they're going to gin up for AK2016 and beyond.

Poor Ian Ayre, look at him.  Its his happiest, most important moment as CEO of Liverpool, and all he's thinking is please stop sweating, why can't I stop sweating, does he notice? Yes, Ian, of course he does. You look like Joe Pesci's plastic surgeon right as his patient asks to see his new face for the first time. Don't worry, though, he'll slap you later. When you're least expecting it...

To the topic at hand: it is hungry, thirsty work signing the richest deal in Liverpool's managerial history, so why not break off a bit of that three year, £15 million and invite the new crew for a meal? Golden ticket for that meeting of the bellies went to Pep Lijnders, John Achterberg, Alex Inglethorpe, club doctor Andy Massey, head physio Chris Morgan, and then the obligatory, never to be repeated boss invites for Tom Werner and Ian Ayre.

So there you go, those are your cool kids now. Invite them to your birthday parties--pfffft, as if. Have we mentioned Jürgen Klopp is the best? Because he's so the best, guys.

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