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Pep And Löw On Klopp

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the Jürgen Klopp show, where it's all Klopp, all the Kloppin' time. In today's episode, we read some quotes from Pep Guardiola and Joachim Löw while we wait with bated breath for signing and leaning.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

In all the hype surrounding Jürgen Klopp this week, the most stunning tidbit of information was that this bearded, bespectacled, baseball cap aficionado would only be the second German to manage in the Premier League. There's obviously reasons for that fact: generational biases dating back to some conflict which we don't have to go into.

Regardless, Germany can play some football. Everyone knows Germany can play some football. They have some fine football players. They have some fine football coaches. They have one of the best teams national teams on the planet, and one of the best club teams on the planet.

And wouldn't you know it, the managers of Bayern Munich and Die Mannschaft had a few words to say about Klopp.

Bayern Munich boss Guardiola was incredibly impressed by Dortmund:

"They're like a steamroller, unstoppable. There are other teams who counter-attack brilliantly, like Madrid for example, but Dortmund are unique.

"I've never seen anything like it.

"They are completely focused for 90 minutes, waiting for you to mess up a pass so that they can set their sprinters on you.

"I must take some time to really study this and see if there's any way to stop them."

Although Pep and the (Bavarian) Reds had a pretty good record against Klopp's Dortmund team, he also happens to be one of the top managers in the world, managing Bayern Munich.

Löw, on the other hand, was more reserved with his praise, simply stating his opinion that Klopp and Liverpool seem like a "good fit."

"I think there are strong parallels between Dortmund and Liverpool with the passion and size of their support.

"I think it is a good fit...if an agreement can be reached it will be good for both."

Klopp is expected to arrive in Liverpool today. Now, please Jürgen, come to Liverpool, sign your blank sheet of paper, and lean on stuff. Thank you.

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