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Jamie Carragher Throws Ultimate Shade: Liverpool are Becoming Tottenham Hotspur

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The former Liverpool defender had lots and lots of vibrant feelings to share after Brendan Rodgers' sacking was announced, and none of them are terribly positive.

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Since taking on a pundit role at Sky Sports after retiring from Liverpool FC, Jamie Carragher hasn't been one to shy away from criticising his former club. Carragher has been regularly heard from regarding Brendan Rodgers' more mysterious tactical choices, and was vocal about the manager's handling of Steven Gerrard's final season at the club, but after Sunday's draw against Everton the former defender focused his attentions on Fenway Sports Group.

"The owners have made a lot of decisions that haven't worked," Carragher said regarding Rodgers' sacking. "The director of football Damien Comolli comes in, they appoint Kenny Dalglish as manager, then they get rid of them. They've now gone for a transfer committee, and that's not working. They kept Brendan Rodgers on in the summer, and that was obviously a mistake.

"At this moment, the owners' track record for making decisions for Liverpool Football Club over the last two or three years has not been good enough. It's been miles off."

Aside from keeping Rodgers on after the summer, it's unclear which specific decisions during Rodgers' three-years-and-a-bit tenure were poor on the part of FSG. What it comes down to — and doesn't it always? — is the lack of silverware, but Liverpool's failures to secure any trophies during Rodgers' tenure come down mostly to the quality of football being played rather than the decision making of a very hands-off ownership group.

"The situation Liverpool find themselves in," Carragher continued, "not just under Brendan but for a long time even when I was there, we talk about how long Arsenal have gone without trophies, Liverpool have won one Carling Cup in 10 years.

"Liverpool are becoming Tottenham. They think they are a big club but the real big clubs aren't too worried about who they are buying or what they do. What are the owners of this club going to do to get them back to where they want to be, which is consistently challenging for trophies? At the moment Liverpool are a club who think they are a big club, but they are not."

The perception of the club as a "big club" or not is a fair one, and a not insignificant component of the club's ability to attract talent. Languishing forever on the outside of Champions League looking in is a running Spurs joke, and with the exception of Liverpool's brief and ill fated return in 2014-15, it's a fate they've shared with Liverpool for the last five seasons.

Carragher of course overlooks the major financial strides that FSG have made since taking over the club in 2010, the domino effect that has had on the club's financial stability, and the opportunity it provided Brendan Rodgers to spend nearly £300m on transfers during his tenure. It's an odd notion to suggest FSG haven't invested in the club in order to challenge for trophies, and Brendan Rodgers' sacking seems like a very obvious step towards getting the football component of that quest for silverware back on track.