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The Week in Comments: "Thanks but no thanks to Alec Baldwin"

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We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Does Frank de Boer Want to Replace Brendan Rodgers?

ITStheGP: Whoa! The site theme has gone from red to black (for me at least). Truly dark days. To quote Will Gregorich, " Liverpool is going through a goth phase "

jeremy.wyenberg: #TLOawaykit

In Danny Ings, Liverpool May Have Found Their New Hard-Working Cult Hero

Raindrops on Skrtels and pictures of Brendan;
Mamadou Sakho and Warm woolen mittens;
Goals that are scored at the Kop end by INGS
These are a few of my FAVORITE things

best I could do.. It’s terrible. I also love warm woolen mittens.

— poorscouserbobby

Rodgers Has Earned His Sacking “Frenzy” and Has Little Time to Put Things Right

Indy Red: Really, it works with anything. Without being sexist, without being racist, without being a jerk, without being mean, etc. It always guarantees you are going to be that. Kind of like saying with all due respect means you are probably going to be disrespectful.

RogerTheShrubber: I don't want to sound racist, here
But I think you’re all lovely people and I enjoy our correspondence.

Swindon Town Cut Lawrence Vigouroux Loan Short for Pennies Stunt

This does make it much more likely I remember Lawrence Vigouroux in 3 years time.

— KHemer

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Reds Battle Tottenham for German Starlet

I didn’t realize Fenerbahçe was looking for more young talented wingers on loan. Nice of us to help them out if we get this kid.

— Doctor Jan Itor

Official: Brendan Rodgers Sacked as Liverpool Manager

Tiki Taka Masala: the choice is yours

garp's brother: Thanks but no thanks to Alec Baldwin
He's gonna go to Sunderland solely to bench Borini again

— milk72
Agreed with above, rather than dogpiling on him

I’d like to take this as more of a farewell opportunity. Firing Rodgers was certainly the correct decision – he ran out of ideas a year ago, and was perhaps out of his depth from the start. But he also took the team to the highest point I’ve ever seen as a Liverpool fan, and provided many iconic wins and moments along the way.

Sorry it didn’t work out, Brendan. YNWA.

— Hamann_Eater

Staff Comment

Official: Brendan Rodgers Sacked as Liverpool Manager

Brendan Rodgers provided our best title challenge in a generation

The football we played between December 2013 and May 2014 was superb. He tried his best but couldn’t make it work after seeming to make the breakthrough in 2013-14. Such a shame but necessary.

— Chuck

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?