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Benteke Hopes To Give Chelsea A "Bad Time"

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Christian Benteke is back in contention to make the squad for Saturday's trip to Stamford Bridge. His comments do not lack ambition, as he hopes to take the game to Chelsea on their home ground.

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When certain high-profile teams are struggling--and Chelsea certainly fits neatly into that category--other squads stop fearing them, and start licking their chops to add to the misery.

We've seen it with Liverpool in recent times, teams strolling onto the hollowed hallowed pitch at Anfield, confident they will walk away with all three points. According to Belgian international Christian Benteke (no stranger to piling on pain and suffering on big teams, Liverpool very much included) Liverpool are confident in their ability to go down to London and heap some more misery on the Blues.

"I think it's the right time to go there, because they are under pressure to be fair. They have to win, we have to win. So it's going to be a good game and hopefully we can come back to Liverpool with the three points." The big striker also alluded to Liverpool's renewed emphasis on pressing under Klopp, and how that can help against Chelsea, "With the type of game we play now, with the high pressing, we have a chance to put them under pressure. Then let's see what's going to happen."

Despite the struggles of both sides so far this season, Chelsea-Liverpool is still a big game, which is precisely why Benteke joined the Reds this summer.

"That's why I signed for Liverpool - to play in a big fixture against a big team. Everyone wants to do well. We just need to play like we have, to press and try to get the ball as soon as possible. When you see Chelsea struggling and losing so many games, it's the first time you have seen it - especially with [Jose] Mourinho. They have had a bad time and hopefully they will have a bad time on Saturday and we can win."

Benteke certainly gave Liverpool supporters some bad times over the years, it would be nice if he helped us inflict some bad times on our rivals for a change.