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Saturday Open Thread: Happy Halloween! Edition

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You'll have six games to choose from today after Liverpool play, and they're all at the same time.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Happy Halloween to those in countries who have it. Hopefully we didn't just witness a horror show in the earlier match against Chelsea, but either way, there's still six more less important games to choose between today. They're all on at the same time today (3:00PM BST/11:00AM EST). Manchester United will try their luck when they travel to take on Crystal Palace. Meanwhile, the other Manchester side, City, host Norwich City at the Etihad Stadium. Newcastle finally pulled themselves out of last place and will want to improve on that when they welcome the notoriously difficult Stoke City. West Ham will be visiting Watford while Leicester City travel to West Brom. The most interesting game of the day sees Arsenal in Wales to take on Swansea City.

There's plenty of other football happening around the globe today. Check out ESPNFC's live score page to follow along. LiveSoccerTV has also has a schedule, along with legal live and repeated viewing options. Feel free to talk about any and all of it below, but please remember that links to illegal streaming sites will be removed immediately and repeat offenders will be banned.