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Select Liverpool's Striking Savior

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Liverpool are suffering through a horrible, no good, very bad injury situation at the striker position. With plenty of games to go until the January window opens, is there a savior on the roster?

Do you think the stubble tickles, but it's like: no, don't stop, it's ok...
Do you think the stubble tickles, but it's like: no, don't stop, it's ok...
Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

As has been well documented on these threads, AK2015 has gotten off to a rough start where it concerns the health of first team strikers. Daniel Sturridge never even got into gear before breaking down into that perpetual mystery injury zone. Christian Benteke has flashed a Sturridge-esque, bottom line ability to simply put the ball in the net; however, he has also flashed a Sturridge-esque, bottom line propensity to break.

Danny Ings shot to the core of Red hearts with energetic displays accentuated by opportunistic finishing, before sacrificing his knee ligaments to the karma police. Those three senior forwards represent goals, but they also represent devoted resources in terms of transfer fees, wages, and squad places. With at least two of those three goal getters fit right now, Jürgen Klopp and Zeljko Bulvac are likely sleeping soundly and doing whatever Zeljko Bulvac does in place of sleep at night. But they're not--so who do Liverpool turn to?

The obvious choice is also the most volatile option: Divock Origi. The precocious 20 year old is younger in terms of experience than he is in years, but is undoubtedly a talent worth honing, and one that will benefit from this stretch of minutes he is assured to get between now and January. The less obvious choice is to ask Roberto Firmino to play a role that Klopp has already gone on record as being within the Brazilian's capacity. In combination with Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana, it would represent a front line of overlapping, but hopefully not overwrought, options.

Sticking a little more strictly to positional sensibilities, after Firmino comes youngster Jerome Sinclair. Sinclair has always been a youth football darling, what with his nose for goal, his easy movements, and his affinity for combination play on the deck. Weirdly, he is yet to receive a legitimate shot at securing his first team slot, whether under Brendan Rodgers or in this new Klopp era.

Reaching even deeper into the youth academy bag of tricks, Portuguese u18 striker Toni Gomes has had some impressive performances for Liverpool's yute ranks this season--could he be one of these diamonds in the rough Klopp so loves to bring into the fold?

Whatever the answer is, if Liverpool are going to continue this pattern of fixing and solidifying their game, sooner or later goals are going to have to come into it. So give us your vote. Miraculous recoveries? Fledgling talent ticking over? Creative positional flexing? Unlisted wildcard option? Which has the best chance of providing Liverpool the goals they so desperately need?

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