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Liverpool 1, Southampton 1: First Thoughts

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A well matched affair ends in a scoring draw, as Klopp and Koeman's energetic charges split the points.

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Liverpool 1 Benteke 77'
Southampton 1 Mane 86'

  • Pre-match thoughts: Jürgen Klopp sticks with the same guns that secured an away point and cleansheet for his league debut at White Hart Lane last week. A bench including Roberto Firmino and Christian Benteke gives the German myriad attacking options if any of his front four tire or misfire. Young right back Connor Randall makes the bench for the second league game in a row and, like cornbread, there is nothing wrong with that.
  • Phil Coutinho starts out with a little bit of casual confidence to his game, which is natural when you are up against MLS quality in the Seattle Sounders. Also, that Emre Can flick at the near post? Zoinks.
  • The christmas tree formation is getting more established, and although it is not quite up to Noble Fir standard, it really does play to the strengths of these players.
  • Graziano's hold up play is as strong as the shiny extra hold pomade he uses to mold that perfect coiffure into place.
  • First third of the game punctuated with a low drive from Milner that swerves right of the post. Liverpool comfy in possession, but the Pacific Northwest side are more dangerous in attacking touches and movements. We'd happily flip those realities, but c'est la vie en Rose.
  • Emre Can climbs to clear danger for the Sounders. Koeman's got to be happy to see that extra work on the training pitch paying off for the German.
  • Sakho thumps a headed clearance of his own, and NASA is reporting that samples collected by the ball will help to corroborate whether marine life is present under Europa's surface ice.
  • Half time: Liverpool's set piece defending continues to fill Red shorts far and wide. Sort it, Kloppo. Our half time team talk includes a peppy Stone Saison, and some homemade raspberry jam with muenster cheese on rye toast. Get on our level.
  • £32.5m of game changing beast mode start the second half for Klopp, as Christian Benteke replaces Divock Origi. Immediate impact, too, with a chested knockdown springing the lithe Lallana into possession.
  • Tadic is a helluva player and apparently Mignolet's poor distribution isn't restricted to his feet, as his throw finds no one in particular.
  • Liverpool Ascending with Alberto Moreno embracing Channing Tatum's role as the half man, half dog, half bleached hair character who is undeniably exciting and yet awfully frustrating in terms of end product.
  • Two-thirds of the match in the books, and the game is coming to a boil now. Pace is turned up, space is available, and Liverpool's possession is impressive insofar as they don't let one of these Sounders breaks end with an opening goal.
  • Bobby Firmino and his fresh haircut on for Lallana--is that questionable? Coutinho hasn't done anything, right?
  • Roberto Firmino just eviscerated Ward-Prowse's entire life force.  THAT MAN HAD A FAMILY!!!
  • *****GOAL 1-0 GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! Benteke. Absurd ball, absurd hops, absurd placement, and Jürgen's Kloppin everywhere.
  • Seattle nearly lands a counterpunch immediately after, but Clyne sorta works it out. Sorta.
  • Klopp's yelling at Milner, Milner's yelling at Klopp, there are circling hand gestures involved, and Ebay comes on for Phil. This is Anfield.
  • Christian Benteke makes Cedric Soares look like Joe Allen.
  • ****GOAL 1-1 Shitfuck. Mane equalizes with a flying vertical crane knee.
  • Four minutes of butt-clenching time and it's anyone's guess where this goes.
  • Nathaniel Clyne has enough energy in reserves to last a zombie apocalypse. Benteke nearly repeats the trick.
  • ****Red Card Mane gets an inconsequential sending off in the last minute of extra time.
  • Helluva game; frustrating result.
liverpool blog fc sbn

We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.