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Lucio Loves Liverpool for Phil

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An all time great Brazilian center half weighs in on the continued rumblings about a potential Barcelona move for Philippe Coutinho.

Please, please, please, please -- please, please don't go.
Please, please, please, please -- please, please don't go.
Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

At first blush, Scousers and Brazilians may appear to have little in common. Yet over the last decade or so a connection has started to form between these two disparate areas of the globe.

Starting with Rafa Benitez bringing over Fabio Aurelio from Valencia and Lucas Leiva over from Gremio, continuing with the highway robbery of signing Philippe Coutinho from Inter Milan for a song and a dance, through to a flowering mutual respect between Jon Flanagan and Cafu, and finally to Roberto Firmino's blockbuster move this last summer from Hoffenheim, a bit of samba has been creeping into that communal Liverpudlian walk.

The latest in this burgeoning connection? The longtime cornerstone of the Brazilian national team, Lucio, going on record as saying Philippe Coutinho should stay at Liverpool and spurn Barcelona's advances. Now 37 years young, and somewhat unbelievably still plying his trade as a professional footballer, Lucio knows a thing or two about the ebbs and flows of a career at the top of the game.

We're talking about a man who laced them up for Internacional in Brazil before moving to Germany to play for both Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich. He then helped Inter Milan to numerous titles, before taken a farewell Serie A tour with Juventus, and returning to Brazil play out his days with Sao Paulo, Palmeiras, and now Goa.

Not only that, but Lucio called Coutinho his "close friend" while making these comments, so you know its legit. Besides the emotional reasoning, now Liverpool have Jürgen Klopp calling the shots, it would be an odd time for Coutinho to decide to cut and run. After all, the lad is not the finished product, and Luis Enrique is far less likely to offer the sort of headlining role the Brazilian appears set for in this Red iteration of the gegenpress.