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Danny Ings Relishes Derby Challenge

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On the eve of what is always one of the biggest games of the Liverpool season, new player Danny Ings talks about the excitement he feels for his first Liverpool derby.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Danny Ings has been one of the bright spots in an otherwise disappointing Liverpool season so far. Many were underwhelmed when he was picked up from relegated Burnley in the summer, but he has taken his chances with the team and impressed with his work rate and ability to score. For a team short on goals, this has been crucially important. Most recently in the league, he paired up with newly fit star striker Daniel Sturridge with great results against Aston Villa leading to the team's first win in several matches.

Liverpool fans have been buoyed by his creative and tireless play and are eager to see more goals come from his burgeoning partnership with Sturridge. While he has played a lot recently, manager Brendan Rodgers took him off the pitch after only 60 minutes against FC Sion on Thursday, presumably with an eye towards this Sunday. He'll likely be called on to produce another top performance against rivals Everton when Liverpool travel down the road to Goodison Park for the first derby of the season. For fans, this is one of the biggest games on the schedule, and given Liverpool's recent slump in form, it will be taking on an even greater significance.

Speaking about it to the ECHO recently, Danny Ings talked about his excitement at the chance to play such an important game:

“If I do get the nod to play I’ll be excited to get out there and perform for the team."

“I’ve been striving to be involved in games like this throughout my career.

“It gives me fire in my belly when you have got fans screaming at you and giving you stick. I love playing at grounds like that.

“I am sure we’ll hear our fans as well because they are always unbelievable wherever we play. I know they’ll get behind us.”

Any professional athlete lives for games like these, where the whole crowd is buzzing with excitement and Ings is no different. We can only hope that he'll channel all of that adrenaline into a positive performance and not get overwhelmed by the occasion.