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Does Frank de Boer Want to Replace Brendan Rodgers?

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The Ajax head coach spoke of his admiration for both Newcastle and Liverpool in an interview with BBC World Service.

Contrary to popular belief, Frank de Boer wants the Liverpool job this much.
Contrary to popular belief, Frank de Boer wants the Liverpool job this much.
Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Recent weeks have seen Jürgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti linked to the Liverpool job as Brendan Rodgers' struggles continued from 14/15 into 15/16. Both managers had the necessary components needed to succeed Brendan Rodgers as considerable upgrades in style, track record, and charisma. If Liverpool dispense with Rodgers at some point during the season, fans will need to believe again. Those two appointments would provide the necessary hope and gravitas the club requires to move forward.

Another name has popped up again, one that has been linked with the job before. After PSV won the Eredivisie title last season after three successive triumphs by de Boer's Ajax, the former Dutch international decided to stay to regain what was lost. The summer may have been a fortunate one for Rodgers as the three candidates who were strongly linked to the job had pressing matters in the form of recovering from an injury, a break to freshen the mind, and a quest to recover a title.

Frank de Boer is the first manager to have ever won four successive Eredivisie titles but remains unproven elsewhere. The lack of progress in Europe may be another question mark, but the brand of football along with understanding a philosophy of developing players would be attractive. What stirred talk of de Boer and Liverpool once again? An interview with BBC World Service.

Yes, I think every year (moving to the Premier League) comes closer of course. I'm looking maybe for another adventure. If there is an interesting club that I think with my quality I can make that team better - if I can, than I will take that chance. They are fantastic clubs. Liverpool and Newcastle - with supporters behind them - it is a fantastic environment to coach but this year it is important for me to do well at Ajax and then we will see.

Innocuous comments or advertising one's services to clubs with under pressure tacticians? Whatever the intent behind de Boer's comments, Liverpool's manager desperately needs better performances and results to keep rumours at bay. Whether Rodgers is capable of finding what's needed is open to question, and considering the current run of form, such rumours are set to continue.