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Lallana Rues Missed Chances, Masses Rue Medium Hair Day

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Having opened the scoring during the losing draw against FC Sion at Anfield, Adam Lallana subsequently played his part in a cacophony of missed chances that should have propelled a Reds victory in the Europa League.

Yes, those are the away supporters at Anfield. For shame.
Yes, those are the away supporters at Anfield. For shame.
Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Not since it was revealed to all and sundry that micro pigs were just run-of-the-mill baby potbelly pigs masquerading their way into our hearts have we been so disappointed with something so foundational to our happiness. A 4th minute goal is nice, Adam Lallana, but what on Fowler's Red Earth is up with that post game coif? You know what--save it. Just make sure you're ready for Everton.

Between those lines, Lallana's opener was followed by 96 plus minutes that once again demonstrated Liverpool's muted prowess in Europe under Brendan Rodgers. While the Gaffer, restricted as he is to his position on the sideline, can only do so much about the bounce of the ball, football thrives on a certain we don't know what that Liverpool once made a habit of exploiting. In particular during European nights at Anfield. And that habit has been conspicuous in its absence during Rodgers' forays into continental competitions.

Fool us once in Europe, shame on you, fool us at every single time of asking and calls need to be placed, interest needs to be sussed out, and billionaire yacht parties need to be organized. Put plainly, nights like these are a big piece of what is currently missing at this club. These are the kidney shots.

Forget Istanbul, remember when Luis Garcia was doing this, or when MC Ew himself won that penalty for Gerrard to slot home against the Gunners? This club's heart does not beat to half measures, and nothing reeks with the putrescence of meh quite like a home draw on a European night versus anonymous opposition. FC Sion, guys, really? We blew past three of those on the way to work today, and we drive a hybrid.

But, look, Lallana gets it. Which is why his post game comments were all:

"No excuses, I should have had a second.

"I'm sure the fans are frustrated. We have a massive game on Sunday.

"The derby has spice in it and hopefully we can get three points."

Oh, Adam... We can't stay mad at you! To be fair, in-game hair was alright. Spice? Hah! Yes, Liverpool must bring some ghost-pepper spice against Everton. And that is because finally a home win against Aston Villa followed by further futility in Europe is not the sort of inspiring turn around that warrants all that bravado from last weekend, Mr. Rodgers. Certainly not with Linda Pizzuti Henry not-so-subtly fielding lulzy tweets about both Klopp and Ancelotti on her free time.